Avaaz Means Global Activism

At the forefront of global activism, Avaaz is a civic organization with a big agenda. This includes human rights, climate change, poverty, animal rights, conflict and corruption. Founded in 2007 in the United States of America, Avaaz is considered to be a large and powerful citizen activist network online, according to The Guardian.

The name Avaaz is generated from several languages which translate similar words as “voice”. Its focus has many progressive goals, including reconciliation between factions or organizations in dispute, and the overall welfare of the people and animals living in all regions of the world. Thus, climate change has been one of their provocative issues.

Human health issues such as “swine flu” have prompted significant public media events like using a herd of cardboard pigs to get the attention of the World Health Organization to investigate conditions at pig farms. Ads, petitions, phone calls and internet communication are also part of their action strategies.

Funding is not from major corporations, but private individuals have generated over $20 million dollars for its operations and programs. Avaaz has challenged Monsanto, called for timely global response to the increasing climate change, and called for more support for refugees among other global concerns.

While this is a diverse and grandiose agenda, the foundations are fairly simple. Take positive non-violent action in this world to move it from where it is now to where it can be when idealists and positive people can reconcile the disparities among all. Make constructive changes in all global issues. This is easier to say than to put into action.
Avaaz strives for unity and is led by grass roots specialists’ perspectives.

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