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Gareth Henry Sets Up a Scholarship in His Name at Heriot-Watt University

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One of Heriot-Watt’s most successful graduates is returning to set up a scholarship in his name. Gareth Henry received his degree in Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics from the Edinburgh-based university in 2001. He went on to work for some of the biggest investment companies. They have included Fortress Investment Group and Schroder Investment Management Limited….

Paul Mampilly Rise to Financial Success That had Others Talking

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Paul Mampilly has had a long and storied career as a financial expert. He worked on Wall Street for over two decades and has amassed a lot of knowledge, experience, and know how along the way. Now he is succeeding at a new career, in as a financial writer and senior editor since 2016. He…

How Cassio Audi Made It Big In His Industry

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A man of various industry triumphs, Cassio Audi is a harmonious blend of enterprising and insightful. While flirting with the idea of becoming a businessman, Audi knew that pursuing a college career would bode well for his success. Read more about Cassio Audi at While attending the University of Sao Paulo, Audi amassed substantial…

The Life of Felipe Montoro Jens

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One of the best financial advisors in Brazil is Felipe Montoro Jens. Felipe Montoro Jens specializes in infrastructure projects, primarily working deals between the government and private investors. Felipe Montoro Jens supports more Public-Private Partnerships because it’s a faster, more efficient way of funding and completing infrastructure projects. For much of his career, Jens worked…

Heather Parry Making a Difference

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All of us hired Dón Argott while the movie director and because they were capturing théy transformed the theory. They called me personally plus they stated, ‘This is usually what we believe that it is. ’ And We stated, ‘I like that. ’ Dan wished to tell his tale showing how he was sick and…

Eric Lefkofsky Uses Tempus to Make a Difference for Cancer Patients

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Eric Lefkofsky is good at technology aspects and knows a lot about helping people. He also knows there are things that can make it easier for these people to get the options they need. Thanks to his work in the technology industry, he knows it can help people who are struggling with medical issues. Even…

Edwin Miranda 2019 Tech Outlook

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Edwin Miranda has built an impressive career in the business world. Today Miranda is the CEO at KOI IXS. He is passionate about marketing technology and helping companies to grown. He leads a top-notch group of professionals who work as designers, creators, and strategists. This group works hard to help companies find the edge they…

What Makes Unroll.Me by Jojo Hedaya One of The Most Reliable Email Manager Tool

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Junk mail and subscriptions are normally so many. Reading and unsubscribing becomes a tough and challenging task for many. thought of a way to sort this out. It was invented with an aim of facilitating faster and time-saving means of handling emails. It helps in placing emails you want to receive in a single…

Jojo Hedaya is Finding Solutions for Dealing with Junk Mail

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From Concept to Finish What do you do when you open your email folder and you are cluttered with junk mail. Seeing all your email you become worried that you will miss something interesting. At this point you may be wondering to yourself or a friend, “how do I get rid fo all this clutter?…

Freedom Checks: Fulfill Your Dreams Without Burdening Yourself with Financial Worries

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The volatility of the financial markets across the globe has scared millions of people. To ensure that the market decline and volatility do not put you in any financial crisis in the future, making a considerable amount of investments is essential. However, investing randomly would never help you achieve your goals, and you would need…

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