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Nick Vertucci Gives Hands-On Instruction on How to Invest in Real Estate

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Extremely successful real estate investor and entrepreneur Nick Vertucci gives students at his academy hands-on instruction on how to invest in real estate correctly to generate financial success in real estate. Mr. Vertucci established the NV Real Estate Academy as a foundational instruction manual for a hands-on approach that assists beginning investors start off on…

Heal and Soothe Supplements for Joint Pain

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Heal and Soothe supplements are great for relieving joint pains thanks to a mixture of natural anti-inflammatory and pain relieving ingredients. These ingredients are all known to provide pain relief due to inflammation. The ingredients are all-natural and animal product free meaning it is vegetarian and vegan friendly. The formula includes hand-chosen ingredients specially chosen…

Jason Hope gives a donation of $500,000 for anti-aging research

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Jason Hope is a supporter of work being done by a nonprofit organization called SENS Research group. This is an organization that has been trying to help humanity deal with the problems which are brought about by age. As we all know, as we get old, our bodies become frail. A frail body becomes a…

The Rise of Pro Anti-Semitism Groups by Adam Milstein

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Adam Milstein is the president and co-founder of Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. The foundation is focused on helping young Jewish professionals know more about their roots in Israel. It also encourages them to be proud of their roots. Adam Milstein also founded the Israeli American council and is now the chairman of the…


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There are a lot of things that people can learn from Daniel Taub. His goal has always been to ensure that there are good relations between Israel and the United Kingdom. While doing this, he has always observed some life rules like never looking back. He focuses less on the past but more on what…


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Southridge investment group is a company based in Connecticut which offers financial solutions to clients despite the different needs of every client. The company began in 1996, and since then the company has to be able to make investments of over 1.8 billion dollars growth in companies around the world. The company has an outstanding…

Jason Hope: A futurist and a philanthropist

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“The internet of things technology is going to be the best technological advancement we have ever seen,” according to tech enthusiast and futurist Jason Hope. This technology will have so much impact on our lives that it will no longer be work as usual. From the way we do tasks in our homes, to our…

Primer on Jeremy Goldstein

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Jeremy Goldstein is a NYC attorney at law whose practices has a deep recommendation for offering employment incentives. His practice is essential in leveraging deals between high profile clients, such as Goldman Sachs, and their employees and investors. Jeremy is a well licensed attorney who specializes in EPS (Earnings per Share), which pushes a competitive…

Class Dojo A Leader In Instruction Technology

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The Educational world is full of increasing opportunities for the young entrepreneur to create a product or service for teachers, parents, and students to connect in a real way. Educational Technology is on the move creating communication platforms that are all about empowerment. Educational Technology startups present great investment opportunities for investors too. In fact,…

How Susan McGalla Has Approached Her Career In Business

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Despite studies showing that businesses who have a gender and ethnically diverse makeup of employees and executives doing better than those that don’t, women still have an extremely hard time reaching the top executive level positions at companies. The S&P 500, for example, has a very small percentage of women at the top of the…

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