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Benefit Commercial Featuring Dogs And Owners

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There are quite a few people who have been featured in Beneful ads with their pets, and these commercials speak to the deep dedication and connection between pets and their owners. This article shows in-brief how these Benefulcommercials have been created, and it explains how this brand is far superior to all others. #1: Why…

Kabbalah Enlightens People Through its Teachings

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Kabbalah is an ancient wisdom that tries to reveal the coexistence of life and the universe. Looked at from a literal level, the word Kabbalah means to receive. Its knowledge was revealed thousands of years ago. It is believed that the wisdom came straight from God. It was handed down from generation to generation and…

Desiree Perez Gets Tidal Off to Great Start

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Desiree Perez wears many hats and she has gained many comparisons over the years of working with Jay-Z. Some people have compared her to the character named Cookie from “Empire.” Others have actually compared her to Jay-Z. She is a strong-willed woman that knows what she wants and she takes the time to strategically go…

Talos Energy Has Hit The Ground Running In The Mexican Oil And Gas Industry

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The oil and gas industry is one of the most profitable sectors of the global economy. Many enterprises have ventured into the oil and gas market, but only a few such Talos Energy manage to survive in such a competitive and dynamic field. Talos Energy is a privately held oil and gas exploration firm that…

Dr. Greg Finch Specialties Extend to Elective and Non-Elective Orthopedic Procedures

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Orthopedic surgeries are generally associated with the result of trauma; however, there are a wide range of common orthopedic surgeries which occur to relieve a patients pain, or discomfort.   A common procedure is a joint replacement. This surgery is typically reserved for patients who have an elevated stage of severe arthritis. In order to…

Lime Crime Creates Unicorn Inspired Hair

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Lime Crime, a make up brand well-known for their bright and vivid pallet, has decided to expand their beauty empire to incorporate hair care products. “Unicorn” hair dye is a semi-permanent brightly colored dye that comes in 13 shades. The beauty company took years to formulate these vegan, non-ammonia, and non-bleach dyes. Now the semi-permanent…

James Dondero’s Contribution to the Family Place

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James Dondero founded the Highland Capital Management L.P in 1993 together with Mark Ogada as an SEC-Investment Advisor. The firm has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Additionally, it runs other parallel offices in Sao Paolo, New York, Singapore and Seoul in Korea.   Asset Base and Sister Organizations The leadership of James Dondero has enabled…

Vincent Parascandola Journey to the AXA Advisors

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Vincent Parascandola owns a degree in science from the University of Pace, New York. He began his career in 1987 in the prudential agency Firm, as an agent for three years. His diligence and hard work in the company earned him the award of the National Rookie of the Year. He later moved to the…

Talk Fusion Helps Businesses Build Their Branding

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The advent of the cell phone pushed our society towards a new era of connectivity and as networks and technology continue to progress this change in the way we communicate ushered in a change within the business world.   No longer are companies bound to one particular method of connecting with potential clients as people…

How Jason Hope And The Internet Of Things Can Change The World

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Have you ever wondered how airplanes and airlines are able to function so efficiently and safely? Now, we all have heard the stories of customer service issues on airlines but that sort of obscures the fact that these are gigantic machines that fly through the sky — SAFELY. We can thank the Internet of Things…

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