Another Usher and Chris Brown Collaboration


When a collaboration brings forth a Grammy nod there is only one logical thing that a duo can do: make another song together and hope for the same level of success. Chris Brown and Usher are back again to make female fans swoon with a
heartbreaking track about lost love.

It’s a perfect duet from two guys that are notoriously known for bad relationships. The song doesn’t appear to be anything that is current, but the Internet has this way to bring forth something old and make these things look new. This song can be heard on YouTube. It is a leaked track for sure.

There is no evidence that this is coming from any recent Chris Brown project. Brown is currently promoting a rap and R&B album with long time friend and rapper Tyga. Usher, however, may have a full length project that may contain this Internet leak. That all depends on whether the track blows up.

Usher was set to release a new album, but he got caught up with touring stated The Real Deal. He is currently absent from The Voice TV show, and he is back on tour performing old songs. This is something that he is doing to reunite with his fans. When the album is complete his track, “All Falls Down,” may surface as one of the tracks. Brown and Raymond have worked well together because they share the same fan base.

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