Andrea Williams, a Hometown Lobbyist from Austin

Being a lobbyist in the United States is a coveted position that most influential people want, but have a hard time earning. Austin native, Andrea Williams has quietly and quickly risen up political ranks and positions through hard and steady work. What made a huge difference in Andrea’s career is her work locally, building on each role, career position, and philanthropy. This unique woman has built a career on representing the needs and priorities of men, women, and corporations around the country in order to bring change where it is most needed.

The lobbying firm that Williams is a co-founder of is bi-partisan, which makes it extremely unique among most lobbying firms in the country. By providing representation on both sides of the political spectrum, the firm is able to best represent its clients to lawmakers. The firm is involved in all levels of governance and areas of industry, particularly issues that are unique to Texas.

Some of the important issues that Williams has been involved in include clean energy, a Texas industry that is a hard fight in politics. Cancer research and legislation for change is another area where she has lobbied long and hard in order to create the change that was needed to help hundreds of individuals.

Her lobbying work has paved the way for philanthropy work that is important to Williams. Active in both local and national organizations, Williams has been recognized by several committees and charities in her community. As of now, Andrea shows no signs of slowing down or removing herself from the roles she has taken on.


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