All About Malcolm Casselle Gaming Industry Evolution

Malcolm Casselle who is the current president of Worldwide Asset Exchange (WAX) is an entrepreneur and OPskins CIO. He earlier served as president and CTO of new ventures located at Tronc. He is a man who also served as general manager and senior vice president of an international company called Digital Media of seaChange. He had joined Seachange in 2015 because of the companies timeline labs where later he became the CEO. He has also started other digital industries like Xfire, media pass and Groupons which is a joint venture in China with Tencent. He has also invested in companies like Bitcoin and Facebook.

Malcolm went for his studies at MIT for a bachelors degree in computer science. After completing he went back to Stanford University to pursue masters in computer science. He is capable to fluently speak Mandarin and Japanese. He is a gifted entrepreneur who serves as a communicator and natural leader especially when setting organizational goals.


The gaming industry is now igniting the world cryptocurrency. Wax is a virtual assert trading which is being launched by OPSkins. Wax is now becoming the marketplace that will help trading blockchain foundation built through virtual assert. It will be able to allow both sellers and buyers to efficiently trade to one another.


Wax is helping two big challenges in virtual assert markets which are fraud and fragmentation. It does so by using simple blockchain-enabled which will allow all users sell and buy virtual goods instantly without clicking the game off.


Wax is there to solve the problem of geographical fragmentation. This is possible as the user transacts using the platform which won’t use common utility token, it won’t allow a transaction with other users whose goods that are denominated in regards to cryptocurrencies without middlemen. The wax token is now the currency common for all gamers and is capable to eliminate FOREX issues that plague markets for virtual assert.


In addition, it will help solve fraud in virtual asset industry. It will be able to eliminate the middlemen. It is possible because blockchain smart contracts have the power to eliminate most of transactions intermediaries. The goods will be delivered and both sellers and buyers follow their promises where a third party is not needed to intervene the price.



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