Alex Pall and the Future of the Disc Jockey.

The Chainsmokers have become a household name almost overnight, with their hits including “Don’t Let Me Down”, and “Roses”, the DJ duo seems unstoppable. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart were recently interviewed by Mathias Rosenzweig for Interview Magazine, in which they revealed that their great success has come from a combination of life experience, hard work, and chance meetings.

Alex and Andrew met through Alex’s manager, and quickly knew that the fit would be perfect. They started working together, and four years later, we have The Chainsmokers as they are today. The duo was able to collaborate with the artist Halsey on their new song “Closer”, in which Andrew will not only be the writer, but also the singer of the song.

Being in the electronic genre, Alex and Andrew knew that they would have to stand out amongst the many DJs and producer in genre, and took their love for music a step further by stepping outside their comfort zones and creating lyrics to their electronic beats. Their gamble paid off. Fans across the world have used social media to express their love for The Chainsmokers.

While writing the lyrics and creating the music is their passion, Alex and Andrew have made a point to continue their growth in the music industry by performing their creations in unique ways. Many DJs will simply put on a set for their audience, not for The Chainsmokers, they are in constant communication with each other on ways to improve their show for the fans. Soon they will be putting on a festival at Red Rock, in which they hope to use a mix of videos and live performances to enhance the viewer experience.

The Chainsmokers are sure to be around for the long haul, their unique blend of electronic music, personally styled lyrics, and live performances is sure to keep them on everyone’s radar.

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