Addiction Expert Victoria Doramus Outlines Her Future Plans

Having been through a lot in life, Victoria Doramus has no problem staying humble. Professionally she was doing pretty well for herself. She had worked at three California media companies which are Mindshare, Trendera, and Creative Artists Agency. She was also a creative consultant at Stila Cosmetics for a year. Despite all of this she was struggling with addiction behind the scenes and her life had spun out of control.

It was during the holidays of 2016 that Victoria Doramus says she finally hit rock bottom. She found herself homeless and she had burned through her personal relationships. She was able to get the help she needed at Burning Tree. After completing a long-term stay there she was released to a halfway house and worked as a waitress in order to support herself. She says that staying sober is always going to be the biggest challenge but she is meeting it head-on. She says that she prefers to live a transparent life and so doesn’t hide the struggles she has had with substances like alcohol and Adderall.

Victoria Doramus now spends her time giving back to others in the community. She has made the Amy Winehouse Foundation a big part of her life, helping others avoid becoming addicted to substances. She also wants to give hope to women in prison and so she joined the Women’s Prison Association. She also donates her time to two other nonprofits which are Room to Read and Best Friend’s Animal Society.

Now that she is on track and back to working hard she has big plans for her future. Victoria Doramus is planning to open a New York City halfway house. It will offer a place to live and services for those who also want to get sober and stop using drugs and alcohol. She is designing the business model she will follow and is also trying to line up funding for this. She says that nobody can get sober on their own and so she wants to start this halfway house to help others who have been in her shoes. Shop Victoria Doramus’s  Closet on Tradesy.

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