Accomplishments And Success Of Entrepreneur Vinod Gupta

Vinod Gupta is a reputable and successful business person that was born in 1946 in a small village. The village that he was brought up was a resemblance of poverty since there were no amenities such as transportation, modern infrastructure, electricity, water and many other modern amenities. He attended a local high school and received his education and later went to I.I.T, Kharagpur, India and earned his degree in B.Tech. He was very fortunate that he received assistantship and enrolled to the University of Nebraska and earned an engineering degree and Master’s Degree in Business Administration.


Vinod Gupta is the founder of American Business Lists and made massive investment and added lots of industries to his list. He was the CEO of his company InfoUSA and later changed to InfoGroup. The initial investment was $100 and sold it at $680 million years later. However, the Everest Group is his current investment firm. This firm is providing several services relating to database technology and more so the struggling business so that they can utilize the available information technology so that they can be able to succeed in life.


Mr. Gupta has hired lots of people to his firm more so the underserved populations so that they can be able to live a quality standard life. His background makes him to have compassion toward the less fortunate in the community and to ensure his dream is valid he devotes more resources to the charitable organization in his home village. More so, he provides donations to various institutions so that children that cannot be able to afford access to quality education can benefit from the funding.  Go To This Page to learn more about Vinod Gupta.


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It is crucial to note that Vinod Gupta is determined to see all those persons that surround him succeeding in life even those that work for him. Therefore, he mentors and provides strategies that they can use to emerge victorious in their businesses. The Everest Group is helping lots of companies by acquiring them more so those that are straining in their operation so that they can have better utilization of information technology. And to ensure continuity in services provision, there is increased usage of updated technology.



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