A Glimpse into the Life of Gareth Henry and His Prowess in Global Relations

Gareth Henry fetches his academic merits from the Heriot Watt University which is located in the United Kingdom. This is where his journey in global relations began, having studied the Bachelor of Science degree in Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics. He could later use his knowledge to excel in the field of global relations.

Early work experience.

He has had various work experiences, including working as an analyst and management researcher at Watson Wyatt from 2000, and later as a product manager at Schroders, a firm concerned with money management in the United Kingdom. Gareth Henry also worked at the rank of an Investment Manager at the SEI Investments based in Philadelphia and London.

What was his contribution to Fortress Investment Group?

In 2007, Gareth Henry became an investor at the Fortress Investment Group which is based in the United States. Fortress Investment Group was established in 1998. The group deals with global investment managements and it offers alternative investment products. His experience at the Fortress Investment Group includes serving as the global Head of investor relations at the Fortress Liquid Markets. At this rank, he directed some professional in a team that was targeting clients from all around, including the United States, Middle East, Asia, Canada and Europe. He was in charge of offering client services and also did serve in the position of Head of International Investor Relations where he was critical in the implementation and formulation of sales strategies. Among his accomplishments while working with the group include when he was named as an institutional investor and a Rising Star, and was behind the raising of capital and fostering of client relationships across the markets in Africa, Europe and Middle East.

Experience at Angelo, Gordon.

Gareth displays a high level of prowess in investor relations, explaining why he later joined Angelo, Gordon and Co. LP a privately owned firm concerned with Investments in credit, real estate and private equity. It was established in 1988 with its headquarters in New York. His wide experience helps in meeting all the needs of the clients. No doubt, he has greatly contributed to the growth of the firm. He has fostered the global relations pioneered by the firm in various parts including the United States, Europe and around Asia. The team spirit embraced by Gareth Henry and the team has been practical in ensuring delivery of services.

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