Adam Milstein Discusses The Three Noes Policy In His Latest Article

Adam Milstein provides both philanthropic and charitable services to numerous organizations to provide the Jewish people with strength. The services he provides include fundraising, partnership development, consulting and support programs. His focus is on Jewish education, Jewish continuity, the state of Israel, and Pro-Israel advocacy. Adam Milstein employs a philanthropic philosophy consisting of three principles. These include active philanthropy, life path impact and philanthropic synergy. He is an accomplished author for the JNS and has recently published an article.

Adam Milstein wrote about the accusations of Minister Avigdor Lieberman regarding the President of the PA planning to stop all funds to Gaza. This includes salary payments, health, water and electricity. He blamed Israel for the crisis and this was the beginning of the clash between Israel and Hamas. The car ramming attack responsible for the death of two Israeli soldiers and the serious injuries to two others was linked by the defense officials to the President of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas.

Adam Milstein believes if the United States President Donald Trump does not rescind his opinion of Israel’s capital being Jerusalem and stands by his decision that this is where the United States embassy should be moved the Palestinians will refuse to participate in the diplomatic negotiations. He believes the International Negotiations U.S. Special Representative will be boycotted. A diplomatic intifada will be imposed on Israel and sanctions of the Gaza Strip and Hamas. Israel will most likely be blamed for the humanitarian crisis.

The article stated Israel was informed by a senior defense official Abbas understands violence may result from his policies. The assumption is the policies of Abbas are based on President Trump’s dangerous declaration on Jerusalem. The regional consequences may be severe. There is no difference if this is referred to as the policy of three noes or a policy of refusal. Abbas must face the responsibility either way due to their lack of dialogue. Abbas additionally stated any compromises for Jerusalem would not end his tenure in office. Abbas stated an act of treason would not end his life. He intends to pass his three noes policy down to the next generation of Ramallah leaders.

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