Month: October 2018

Michael Hagele And Some Important Pointers On Mountain Biking

Posted by in Businessman, Lawyer

Michael Hagele works on the West Coast of America as a lawyer for tech companies. In the other half of his life, Michael Hagele is a mountain-biker who occasionally doles out advice to people about the activity that gives Michael Hagele so much freedom and fitness. It is a good outlet for the tension that…

Hussain Sajwani Ushers DAMAC To Success With His Strong International Ties

Posted by in Real Estate Company, Real Estate People

DAMAC is probably UAE’s most glamorous property development company. With shocking marketing stunts ranging from giving a Bentley with every luxury apartment, to closing a deal with Donald Trump of building a fancy golf course. But DAMAC’s founder and chairman, Hussain Sajwani, started from a very different line of business. Hussain Sajwani rose to international…


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