Month: July 2018

Milan Kordestani and Milan Firms Offering Better Options for Organic Poultry Products

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The early life of Milan Kordestani involved moving from California to England due to family issues that surrounded the marriage between his parents. His early education involved spells at Eaton Square School and Sacred Heart Preparatory where he graduated from high school studies. His dedication in horse riding was unmatched, and he could not be…

Victoria Doramus’ Road to Soberity

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Victoria Doramus, the fashion expert, has shown that it is possible to overcome issues that develop in life if you are willing to try and overcome. Doramus had found that she was drawn to Adderall and cocaine. Instead of trying to manage the problem that she was having by herself she decided to go to…

A Review of Sean Penn’s Political Satire, ‘Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff’

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Waste management and pollution-as-symbolism seem quite popular themes in modern fiction (qua, Dellilo’s Underworld) thus it seems fitting that Hollywood actor and sometimes reporter, Sean Penn’s debut novel should cast a waste management expert as the lead. Penn’s novel, curiously titled, ‘Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff,’ begins in — and tells the story of…

Ryan Seacrest: Changing With Fitness

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Ryan Seacrest is a man of several talents. You have seen him on Live with Kelly and Ryan to listening to him on the radio in his show On Air with Ryan. His time doesn’t stop there as he has created the Ryan Seacrest Foundation and is always giving back. His gig on American Idol…

Technology Provider, NGP VAN, Delivers Progressive Initiatives And Effective Methods

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Seasoned software company, NGP VAN, furnishes Democratic parties with the necessary tools to deliver a compelling campaign. Noted for their progressive roots and Democratic leanings, NGP VAN has worked alongside Democratic bigwigs including Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Bernie Sanders. Above all else, NGP VAN strives to equip their clients with factual, informative, and effectual…

OSI Industries Powers Forward by Innovation

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OSI Industries has cultivated a company mindset of innovation which has helped drive their consistent expansion and success as a food processor. Their international operations are characterized by a broad range of resources for food production and culinary creation. In one recent year, they were highlighted by Forbes magazine as one of America’s largest privately…


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