Month: December 2017

Dr. David Samadi Speaks About His Career Journey

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Dr. David Samadi serves as the current chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital, located in New York. David was raised in Persia though he was born in Iran. Dr. David and his brother had to flee their home after the occurrence of the Iranian Revolution and had to seek refuge in Belgium. The…

All About Organo Gold

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Recently studies have shown that drinking coffee can help you live longer. Coffee has been connected to reducing a person’s risk of obtaining heart diseases and strokes. This study was recently published by Annals of Internal Medicine, which is a very trustworthy company. The study was performed on almost 200,000 Americans. According to the study,…

Unearthing the Secret that Keeps Eli Gershkovitch as the Leader of Craft Beer in Canada

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Craft beer made 10% of the beer sold in Canada in 2015 and seen the microbrewery or craft beer industry grow rapidly. The number of industries increased from 88 in 2006 to around 520 in 2015. They brew cider and other fermented fruit flavors which have become very popular in the recent past in Canada….

Felipe Montoro Jens’ Report on Child Education in Rio

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Felipe Montoro Jens compiled a report on how the city of Rio under the governance of the current Mayor Marcelo Crivella is keen on improving the education standards in the city especially the early childhood education. The mayor is targeting to use the Public-Private Partnership plan to construct 20, 000 day-cares and double the number…


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