Month: August 2017

Civil Human and Migrant Rights

Posted by in Charity, Philanthropy

There are very many groups whose main aim is to fight and advocate for civil human and migrant rights. These groups are distributed all over the country. Some of the most instrumental human rights organizations include: Amazon watch This is a group that is based in San Francisco. It targets the amazon Basin. The group…

George Soros Uses Past Experience to Help People Out

Posted by in Business Expert, People, Philanthropy

When George Soros decides to do something, he makes sure that he is doing it the right way and that he is going to be able to change the world with it. He also makes sure that it is going to be beneficial to people in the United States so that they can get the…

Let White Shark Media Stand Up For Your Site

Posted by in Marketing Campaign

Two Danish men started White Shark Media to help people that are lost in the online game of marketing. It’s a tough world. Nobody wants to waste their time or money to achieve their goals. They want to be able to create the project, let it go and watch the site or marketing campaign make…

David Giertz: Social Security Advocate

Posted by in advisor, Financial Advice

David Giertz has stated that there is a growing concern between the public and their financial advisers. He stated that financial advisers today are failing because of how they choose not to disclose any information about their clients’ social security. Social security is an important part of the American society, because this is where the…

José Henrique Borghi Makes People Look at Marketing Differently

Posted by in Advertising Expert, Businessman

Marketing is something that has evolved in a lot of ways over the years. There are a lot of marketing professionals that are going to look for ways to make an organization better. In many cases it comes down to building a solid consumer base where customers are going to patronize products continuously. Jose is…

How Talk Fusion Will Transform The Marketing Industry

Posted by in Business, Company, Technology

The Talk Fusion Company is gradually becoming a leader in the marketing industry with its first in the world video marketing product. That is the all-in-one video marketing solution which allows its clients attract customers and increase their sales using video marketing technology. According to research by the Talk Fusion team, incorporating videos as a…

Why Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Use the Frontera Fund

Posted by in Human Rights VIolations

Many people who get arrested on human rights violations have done nothing wrong. This is something that the government and law enforcement have used to make things hard on people who they do not like and on groups that they do not support. They have tried for a long time to pick on those who…

Yanni Hufnagel: a Youthful and Promising Basketball Coach with a Good Recruitment Reputation

Posted by in Recruiter

Yanni Hufnagel is among the youngest and most successful basketball coaches in the United States and the world at large. He is a Jewish-American raised in Scarsdale, New York. Coaching basketball was his childhood dream and to make it a reality, he used to spend long hours reading basketball books and practicing what he read….

Jim Tananbaum Demonstrates his Support towards Mindstrong Health for its Effort in Transforming Patient Care

Posted by in Business Expert

Recently, Mindstrong Health, a startup geared towards the use of smartphones to conduct both diagnosis and treatment of neuropsychiatric issues, revealed that it had secured $14 million in its Series A financing. The round included various investors such as ARCH Venture Partners, Foresite Capital, One Mind Brain Health Impact Fund, Berggruen Holdings and Optum Ventures….


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