Month: July 2017

How the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Funds has Stopped Immigrant Harassment

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Michael Lacey and Jim Larking are revered journalists who are recognized for their outstanding efforts in fighting for social justice. They are both determined to make a difference by advocating for the rights of immigrants who are based in Arizona. The two are founders of the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund that is currently serving…

José Borghi’s Meteoric Rise in the Advertising Industry

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One of the greatest challenges faced by advertising agencies and professionals is designing an ad that appeals to the emotions and the cognitive abilities of the targeted audiences. Such an ad must have the right mix of features extending beyond colors, words or pictures to achieve the desired outcome. Essentially, such a balanced ad requires…

Bruce Bent II’s Commitment to the Double Rock Corporation

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The Double Rock Corporation has been in business for many years but Bruce Bent II has only been the president for a short time. In that time, he has managed to make things easier for those who are a part of the company and that has brought some major changes to the way that things…

Mike Baur Quit His Lucrative Career at Clariden to Stroll On a Path Taken By A Few People

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Mike Baur has always had the zeal to succeed in everything he lays his hands on since he was young. The young entrepreneur has had an impressive career journey, and he has been an inspiration to a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs in Switzerland. Mike Baur’s career journey is enough proof that with patience, and determination,…

Larkin & Lacey: Funding Freedom

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There are various groups worth investigating that advocate for civil, human and migrant rights. However it can be difficult to determine which groups have any profound effect on their cause. Many may fall short and simply exist with not much activity or movements towards a specific goal. One credible organization is the American Immigration Council….

Brazilian Law: Ricardo Tosto’s Cup of Tea

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Brazil has quite a number of law schools: even more than USA. In each of the states in the country, there is a law school. The number of lawyers who graduate from these institutions is numerous. Law prestigious course in Brazil that takes one 5 years to graduate. Upon graduation, one is still not able…


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