Month: December 2016

Essential Hair Care for Women

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All women want luscious, healthy and silky hair. Think of a woman’s hair as her weapon. One thing a lot of women tend to neglect is the care of their hair. Healthy hair is glamorous hair. By doing a few simple things each day can allow you to have glowing thriving hair, year round. The…

Global Tel-Link vs Securus: A Stark Contrast

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I am going to tell you a tale of two companies. These companies do the same thing by providing telecommunications services to prison and jail facilities. They do this with prison contracts, making them the monopoly holder over telecommunications services in that facility. Global Tel-Link is a publicly traded company that brings in over $500…

Get The Magnises Membership And The Passes That Complete It

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Partying is something that a lot of young people do very well, but it’s a fact that many young folks don’t have the funds they need to have all kinds of fun, especially if it means attending certain events. The Magnises membership that was started by Billy McFarland was first a lot of different parties…

Food Problems? Call OSI Group

Posted by in Chicago, Sheldon Lavin, Sustainability

Beginning as a meat market in the early 1900’s in Chicago, OSI has consistently been a leader in food solution and management. Able to bring a variety of foods such as breakfast, lunch, desserts, and entrees, the OSI Group delivers. They are able to maintain great business relations even while being an enormous company. They…


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