Month: October 2016

Why Go to the Kabbalah Centre Facility

Posted by in Education, Religion

The Kabbalah Centre has continued to be one of the top spiritual facilities in the country. In fact, millions of people visited each and every year and this is why it is known as one of the best places to learn the Kabbalah. If you are not knowledgeable about what the Kabbalah is, but you…

The Woman Who Has It All

Posted by in Beauty Surgeon

Dr. Walden is a cosmetic surgeon, one who came from Austin, Texas but with lots of hard work and determination, ended up doing her internship and training in the big city of New York. After finishing there, she started her own practice in Manhattan. She has won many awards and holds many prestigious titles, yet…

Technology Easily Meets Fashion: Or is That the Other Way Around?

Posted by in Entrepreneurs, Investors

The electronic world is well-woven into the fabric of fashion. The evolution of fashion and electronics, continue to reside comfortably–side-by-side. Just visit many fashion shows, where current designers show their style. That style is relative to futuristic thinking: that of robotics and the seamless integration of the digital age into general day-to-day living. The following…

Dick DeVos Now Hires A New CEO At The Windquest Group

Posted by in Philanthropy

Dick DeVos will still be overseeing most of the company operations at The Windquest Group, his Grand Rapids, MI investment and distribution firm. But he’s appointed a new CEO, Phil Dolci to take over the firm’s subsidiary The Stow Company, Inc. He’s succeeding the former CEO of this DeVos-owned company, Frank Newman who announced he’ll…

Richard Blair Enables Active Participation Of Clients

Posted by in Wealth Solutions

One of the best ways to help a client is to merely help them on what they are doing. This means that taking over the activity is not required. If anything, the client needs to know how to do that for himself so that he will be able to support himself. Richard Blair is someone…

From Finance to Food

Posted by in Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is one of the leading personal finance experts in the world today. He has done a great job of helping other people take their finances to a new level. However, he is looking to branch out and start another business. He has always had a passion for food, and he recently opened up…

Samsung Renews Talks With Tidal

Posted by in Artists Doing Cool Things, Celebs

  Tidal is one of the music streaming service providers that made a grand entry in the industry. For a while, it enjoyed large number of subscriptions that translated to huge profits at the end of the fiscal year. However, the music outlet is no longer enjoying the huge client base and large revenues like…

Why Consulting May be a Good Idea

Posted by in World News

Hiring a consulting company may seem like a waste of money to some people. However, in a lot of cases, it can save money over the long term. When trying to improve the supply chain of your business, there are a lot of variables to consider. Many people want to invest in their company to…


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