Month: April 2016

George Soros on the Chinese economy and comparing it to the US in 2007-08

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George Soros is a New York based investor and financial expert. He has recently spoken at various events comparing the economic situation of China to the one the United States experienced just before the global recession of 2007-08. At that time, the U.S. economy was debt driven, and that is what the Chinese economy is…

Give Your Dog What He Deserves: Give Beneful A Try

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What if you were a dog? Would you like to eat the food that you are putting in your dog’s bowl? I think that I would because the food that I always buy for my furry friend is really nutritious, and it smells great. I bet that it tastes great to my dog as well….

George Soros Warns Investors Of The Global Market Being Under Fire

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The situation of global markets and commodities according to George Soros is a crisis that reminds him of the crisis in 2008. Soros thinks that the stock commodities and global markets are basically under fire and that all investors need to take precautions while investing in the European stock market trade. First, Soros identifies the…


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