Month: March 2016

Update on Slyce’s Business

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Introduction Slyce is a technology company that functions to help other companies succeed. Slyce has a lot of partnerships with companies in various industries. One of the companies is Shoe Carnival, and in the latest report for the quarter Slyce discussed how these partnerships help to increase profits in the business. However, the company is…

BMG: The Brazilian Financial Guru

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BMG is one of the Brazilian privately owned financial institution that has a rich history dating back to 1930s. The Pentagna Guimaraes family controlled the financial firm since its inception as Banco de Credito Predial S.A being a commercial bank offering its services to both individuals and institution. The company later rebranded to Branco de…


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The housing sector in most states of the country has been characterized by a lot of changes. These are the changes that are brought by the different stakeholders with an endeavor of making the sector more profitable. However, a bigger growth than is realized in other parts of the United States has been felt in…

Your Loving Relationship With Lime Crime Makeup

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Fashionable, trendy and sometimes over the edge describes Lime Crime Makeup and the people who caress it. There are amazing people who use this makeup to set them apart from the traditional consumers who want to go with the flow. Lime Crime Makeup is the makeup for people who dare to cause ripples in the…

How To Maximize Investment Banking Returns With Igor Cornelsen

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Igor Cornelsen unquestionable success as an international investor wasn’t done overnight. His tactical investment strategies have made him millions. Financial industry investor Igor Cornelsen owns Bainbridge Investments. His superior intelligence of stock investing and impressive facebook track record has earned him a bespoke reputation globally. He’s largely cultured into investment banking and fascinated with different…


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