Month: January 2016

About George Soros Opinion On Donald Trump’s Candidacy And Ideologies

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According to Forbes billionaire George Soros, Donald Trump is doing the work of ISIS. George does not fear to give his opinions and especially on matters political and financial. He is the world’s richest hedge-fund millionaire and is never in shortage of opinions in the current trends. Many who follow the financial arena’s news know…

The Best Customer Services From White Shark Media.

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Good customer service is the basis of any successful organization.Through the establishment of good communication between clients and the business, the business is able to learn what customer wants and also where it has gone wrong. This way it can work towards better satisfaction of the customer and, on the other hand, rectify on the…

Magic Mike XXL and Crystal Hunt

Posted by in Career Inspiration

Magic Mike XXL begins in a Florida setting featuring actor Channing Tatum playing as Mike Lane. Mike Lane owns and operates a furniture business during his three year retirement from dancing in the male entertainment industry. Mike soon realizes he misses the excitement and fun the stripping industry offers though and decides to meet up…

The Flavorful and Profitable Explosion of Premium Pet Foods

Posted by in Dog Food

When you think pet food, chances are you picture small, dry round pieces lacking any real flavor. It would probably surprise you to learn that many start up dog food companies are focusing on the “eat like your owner” strategy. Companies like Freshpet Inc., Blue Buffalo Co., and Mars’ Cesar Home Delights are changing the…

“Stock Investment Is A Long Term Game” Says Igor Cornelsen

Posted by in Investment Banking

When it comes to portfolio management, what better way to do it than following Igor Cornelsen’s methods? Investing is a long-term project. For anyone looking to play the markets but is not willing to commit to long-term investment strategies, they will never find success. Most investments are not designed to pay off in that manner….


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