Month: May 2015

Jay Z’s Tidal Service Might Lose Beyonce

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 In the wacky world of “show Business” here’s an ironic twist. Jay Z’s Tidal music streaming service might lose Beyonce, Jay Z’s wife, if an agreement isn’t met for upfront advances for the rights to have Sony music artists on Tidal. Tidal was counting on funds from a deal with Sprint to help finance the advances companies…

Katy Perry Has Moved On

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 Katy Perry and Russell Brand were one of the most adorable celebrity couples of all time. Sadly, the couple broke apart 3-years ago, and Katy Perry still has ill feelings for her ex-husband. Apparently, Katy is not over the divorce, and it’s because of the way that Russell Brand broke the news to her.  …

Juicy J Sent To The Hospital Because Of Exhaustion

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Being a celebrity is hard work, especially when it comes to creating music. When a celebrity is working, they may find themselves working 20 hour days, and some may not even find any time to sleep. Juicy J Hospitalized. It’s well known that Michael Jackson had an insomnia problem, and his insomnia was one of…

Kanye West Has Poor Performance at Close of Award Show

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Kanye West has been the closer on awards shows before. He has really got crowds hyped in the past with his amazing stage presence. People may have been expecting to see and hear something amazing at the Billboard Awards. Fans that were expecting greatness were greatly disappointed with what Kanye would pull off here. This…

Chris Brown Call Cops on Stalker

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Chris Brown is one of the most famous and entertaining male R&B singers that the world has ever seen. He took the world by storm in the mid 2000s, and every girl wanted to be with him. However, Chris Brown’s notoriety quickly changed from good to evil. Chris Brown was in a highly publicized relationship…

Hillary Comes Back Into the Spotlight

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Everybody is growing up these days. A grown up Justin Bieber is set to bring a new album back to fans this summer. Miley is on the verge of new music. Ariana Grande is set to get back into the studio. Hillary Duff will not be outdone. She is another childhood star that is getting…

Mariah Gets Candid About Her Marriage During Vegas Show

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Mariah Carey is ready to put the past behind her and move on from the drama and pain that is he marriage and divorce. At one point it seemed like Mariah’s career was going to sink like the Titanic at the hands of her divorce, but like only Mariah can she has taken her difficult…

Kid Cudi Tweets and Deletes

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Everyone in entertainment seems to have a certain type of gimmick. Beyonce released a surprise album. Drake copied her and released a surprise album that he later claimed was only a mix tape. Kanye released a single, unannounced, on New Year’s day. Prince created a single for Baltimore out of the blue. Now Kid Cudi…

Adam Levine Get Powdered Sugar To the Face

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Mikal Watts told me a story that Adam Levine surely gets his share of crazy fan action, not only is he sexy and sweet, but he has an amazing singing voice that melts hearts everywhere. Recently Adam was surprised when a fan jumped on stage with him unexpectedly. Of course Adam handled the situation like…

Do You Have A Favorite Taylor Swift Song?

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Taylor Swift has many fans worldwide. She is loved by people from all across the globe. When a large group of these fans were asked to pick a song of hers that is their favorite they had a hard time deciding. If you are a Taylor Swift fan, I’m sure you understand the dilemma that these Toyko…


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