Month: January 2015

Shakira Gives Birth To Bouncing Baby Boy

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  The beautiful singer, Shakira, has given birth to a baby boy. The baby was delivered via c-section and both mother and child are doing fine. Though there have been no official releases about the name, it is rumored that he will be named Andrea o Sacha. What is it with Hollywood and their names? When…

Nicki Minaj’s Ex Boyfriend Clears Up A Rumor

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  Nicki Minaj and her boyfriend Safaree, broke up last year, and it was a very public breakup. The couple had been together for 11 years, and they finally called it quits. After a tumultuous relationship that went up and down, the final straw was when Nicki took a bat to her own car, bashing…

Satellite Radio Breaking New Country Music Acts

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An article well worth reading is on the Rolling Stone Magazine online site and is called How Satellite Radio is Breaking Country’s Next Big Stars. The article explains how satellite radio has been key to breaking new acts like Florida Georgia Line and Clare Dunn. Traditionally, the only real way to become a country star was to impress…

Snoop Dogg Returns with Pharrell Williams

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  Snoop appeared to be going through an identity crisis for the last several years. He is a rapper that changed his name to Snoop Lion and appeared to have given up rap. Snoop Lion made a documentary. Some people say that it was a publicity stunt. Others say that it was just Snoop being…

Lil’ Wayne Still In Cash Money Drama

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  It should be well known to many now, that Lil’ Wayne has grievances with his label, and stated that he wants out. His album was supposed to come out over a month ago, and it’s been delayed many times over, with no release date in sight. Lil’ Wayne’s Manager. After Lil’ Wayne came out,…

Message from Eminem’s Old Friend

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Eminem the most popular and most explosive rap artist is now in the news again. Recently his humorous cameo in the movie “The Interview”, he confessed that he is gay and that statement made a huge mark all over the world in a funny manner. Old friend of “Slim Shady”, Young Zee, said some stinging…

Snoop Dogg’s New Album Produced by Pharrel Williams

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Pharrel and Snoop Dogg have collaborated to make some great songs and albums in the past and this collaboration continues into this year with a superb new album from Snoop. In the article Snoop Dogg talks about the credit he gives to Pharrel and the way they both love making albums together.  Pharrel did a…

Young Zee Has A Message For Eminem

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    Anyone who knows the rap artist Eminem, like Fersen Lambranho does must know that he has burned some bridges, and made many people angry with his lyrics. A song that was recently released by Eminem, gives a shout out to his old crew that he used to run with, named Outsidaz. Eminem Message. Eminem…

Jay Z Gives His Take On Hip Hop And Race Relations

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Race is a big issue in our country today, mainly because of the police brutality claims that are going around. Many may even wonder how far we’ve come as a nation, where race is concerned. Although many of us like Gianfrancesco Geno feel that because we now have a black president, that things have gotten…

Raps Biggest Earners Live Lavishly

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  Billionaire couple Jay Z and Beyoncé are some of the most successful people in the music business, generating an absolutely absurd amount of money individually before tying the knot and making their fortunes even more mind blowing. Although they both make amazing music, Jay Z stands all on his own when it comes to his entrepreneurial…

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