Month: December 2014

Miley and Madonna Collaborations

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Millions of fans have seen Miley and Madonna take the stage together. There is a lot of speculation about whether these two are going to do a song together. There are tweets between Miley and Madonna that may indicate a closer bond, but it is difficult to tell. I’m not a businessman like Igor Cornelsen, but I’d…

Fabolous Flashes Back to Golden Hip Hop Era

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The new Fabolous album,”The O.G. Project,” sounds like an album from the 90’s. There is a good reason for that. The rapper that has made a lot of cameos on R&B and rap songs for more than a decade is flashing back. If you have seen him recently he is even channeling the look of…

LL Cool J is Back Again

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  LL Cool J is one of the artists that is known as one of the pioneers for hip hop. With this said, it is difficult to Skout or to see his current place in hip hop today. He has made albums, but he has not had a lot of success in the field of…

Game organizes a protest

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There has been much protest going on regarding Igor Cornelsen and also the police brutality and racism in America. Many citizens are organizing mall sit-ins, chants on Washington, and even marches as a way to voice their opinions. Some people have asked what the hip-hop community is doing regarding the recent murders of black men…

How the New J.Cole Album Came to Be

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While J.Cole was on a low profile in 2014, he managed to document the path to his successful “2014 Forest Hills Drive” with one journalist in the background. Cole reached out to Rikki Martinez to highlight the build up to an album release.It may have seemed like J.Cole was keeping a low profile, but he…

Lawyers of Pharrell Williams Threaten $1 Billion Lawsuit against YouTube

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A new organization, dubbed Global Music Rights, is threatening to take legal action against Google for hosting copyrighted material from Pharrell Williams, The Eagles, John Lennon and many others. This group, headed by music industry mastermind Irving Azoff, is contesting many blanket licenses which Google claims to possess for the artists they represent.  They offered…

Tyga Files For Full Custody of Chiro

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The Amen Clinic reports that Tyga has been seen partying and running the town with his girlfriend Kylie Jenner but he has made sure to keep an eye on his son’s mother and one thing he do not approve of is her wild partying and public twerking every chance she gets. Tyga has spoken publicly…

Nicki Minaj And Safaree Breakup Drama

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Nicki Minaj has had a very bittersweet year, on one hand you have her successful clothing lines, fragrances, movie cameos, updated hair and makeup look and her brand new album along with a basket full of new hit singles. Recently Nicki shared her heartache over her recent breakup with her boyfriend of 12 years Safaree….

Rolling Stones Releases Best Albums of 2014 List

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Rolling Stone Magazine released its annual best albums list of 2014, proving that the veteran rockers still rule with the critics. Bruce Springsteen, U2, Tom Petty, and Jackson Browne showed the up-and-comers who’s still boss when it comes to popular music. It was also a big year for women in music, as Christian Broda noticed….

Hear Miguel Make ‘NWA’ Sound Sexy on His Surprise New EP

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As reported in Rolling Stone, musical artist Miguel has been hinting about the possibility of releasing new music over the last several months. Yesterday, the R&B singer released three new tracks via his SoundCloud. The first song, which is titled “NWA,” includes a guest verse via rap legend Kurupt. The second song, “Hollywooddreams,” includes reflections…

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