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George Soros Changes His Strategy

Financial guru and billionaire hedge fund owner George Soros is making a change in his financial strategy of late, and as far as Soros is concerned, stocks are out and gold is in. Soros has been out of trading for a very long time, but he recently directed the company that manages $30 billion and invests it for the Soros family to sell off stocks and instead buy gold. This is a very.. Read More

White Shark Media and the Importance of Improvements

Businessmen are always looking for improvements on their performance. This is one of the reasons why they go for advertising agencies like White Shark Media. White Shark Media is one of the most trustworthy and effective advertising agencies. However, even they have their shortcomings. The most important aspect of a good advertising agency is what they do about their shortcomings. White Shark Media has shown that they are always willing to make improvements.. Read More

How Are Loans Offered By Devco Growing New Jersey?

Loans offered by Devco are offered to cities around New Jersey according to a report in The Press of Atlantic City are changing the way that the people of the state get jobs, build a new life and create a better community. A community that wants to be rebuilt needs to have loans from Devco, and the company even goes so far as to help the cities plan to build new developments. Most.. Read More

Experimenting With Wen Cleansing Conditioner

When it comes to your hair, you probably have a regimen that you have created that you stick to on a daily basis. However, sometimes using several products and taking numerous steps can be time consuming. The Wen hair cleansing conditioner is a product that can cut down your hair prep time immensely, because of what it contains. Shampoo, conditioner and styling treatment can all be found in this one transforming hair product… Read More

Hall Capital’s Power Woman: Helane Morrison

Helane Morrison is one of the power women found at the helm of Hall Capital, one of San Francisco’s most successful investments firms. Kathryn Hall the CEO and Sarah Stein the President are the other two running the show. Morrison is the general counsel, managing director and chief compliance officer. The firm which manages assets valued at approximately $24 billion was founded in 1994 and considers diversity at the core of what makes.. Read More

U.S. Money Reserve Has Given Its Website A Facelift

If you have ever visited the U.S. Money Reserve website in the past you know it was very plain and lacked personality. And though it got the job done, it wasn’t very appealing to the visitor. Well according to an article published on the CBS19 website, U.S. Money Reserve has finally given their website a much needed facelift. Now when you visit the site you will see impressive photos of current President and.. Read More

George Soros on the Chinese economy and comparing it to the US in 2007-08

George Soros is a New York based investor and financial expert. He has recently spoken at various events comparing the economic situation of China to the one the United States experienced just before the global recession of 2007-08. At that time, the U.S. economy was debt driven, and that is what the Chinese economy is currently experiencing. When the economy is driven or fueled by money that is borrowed, there is a risk.. Read More

Give Your Dog What He Deserves: Give Beneful A Try

What if you were a dog? Would you like to eat the food that you are putting in your dog’s bowl? I think that I would because the food that I always buy for my furry friend is really nutritious, and it smells great. I bet that it tastes great to my dog as well. He has tasted the cheaper brands before, and he will honestly turn his nose up at those cheap.. Read More

George Soros Warns Investors Of The Global Market Being Under Fire

The situation of global markets and commodities according to George Soros is a crisis that reminds him of the crisis in 2008. Soros thinks that the stock commodities and global markets are basically under fire and that all investors need to take precautions while investing in the European stock market trade. First, Soros identifies the situation of Chinas Yuan that is uncontrollably sinking since the Chinas Yuan has been highly valued for a.. Read More

Update on Slyce’s Business

Introduction Slyce is a technology company that functions to help other companies succeed. Slyce has a lot of partnerships with companies in various industries. One of the companies is Shoe Carnival, and in the latest report for the quarter Slyce discussed how these partnerships help to increase profits in the business. However, the company is still operating at a net loss. Last year, the company had a total net loss of twelve million.. Read More