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Joseph Bismark Keeps a Positive Attitude

  What does an individual need to do in order to make the most of their life? What do I believe that one needs to do in order to fully enjoy their life? I think that those who are looking to be happy with themselves and with the world around them really need to keep a positive attitude. If I am looking to be happy, then I need to look for the good.. Read More

How to Choose the Most Reliable Mobile Wireless Service Provider

Tired of paying high fees for your wireless service? Looking for an affordable mobile wireless plan? Choosing the right wireless service provider for your particular circumstance should not be a daunting task. However, before you start shopping for a wireless service provider, there are some things you need to know about mobile wireless services and how to select one that meets your needs. Coverage Map When choosing a mobile wireless service, it is.. Read More

Home Builders Lacking Work

What happens to home builders when less homes are being built? What can home builders do when their business is down? It seems that home builders have taken a hit recently, as less homes are being built, and that their opportunities for labor have decreased. What can these home builders do in this difficult time, and will things pick up in the future? It seems that home builders are going to have to.. Read More

Beneful : the perfect Dog food

When it comes to a happy, healthier dog, beneful offers the perfect solution. For years now, Purina has managed to provide solution to a question that has been a bother in many homes. As far as dog food is concerned, people now have to worry less about satisfaction and healthy well being of man’s best friend. This can be attested by thousands of clients who have been relying on the food for several.. Read More

DMX Misses Radio City Show

Sam Tabar says it’s funny that DMX has barely been in the spotlight over the past years, but the moment he is to grab the spotlight again, he gets into trouble. DMX In Trouble Again. DMX was scheduled for a Radio City show, and he ended up missing it, but he has a reason for this. DMX was arrested for not paying child support, and he supposedly has a warrant for jumping bail.. Read More

Jay Z is Doing it Big Again

Big props to Jay Z for keeping it in the family. Beyonce will head Jay Z’s 4th annual Budweiser made in America festival. This amazing festival will be in Philadelphia Labor Day weekend September 5th 2015. Tripod suggested that there is a big line up of extra stars that are going to hit the stage names that you are sure to know and love. Artists such as Big Sean Nick Jonas, j Cole.. Read More

Sprite, Drake, and Nas

If you love Sprite and you love Drake and Nas then you are going to love the new campaign that they are all working on together. They are working to bring you soda cans with lyrics on them. Sprite is going to put out a line of soda with Drake and Nas lyrics on the cans. How cool is that? If you are not a fan of Sprite soda but you love Drake.. Read More

Safaree Samuels Releases Single Lashing Out Against Nicki Minaj

  Nicki Minaj is having more success than she’s ever had in her entire career, and it’s all thanks to her hard work.Safaree Samuels Disses Nicki Minaj. Nicki came out with an album late last year, and it’s still doing well. Nicki has moved on romantically though, and she is no longer with Safaree Samuels, and he won’t let her hear the end of it. Nicki moved on pretty quickly to Meek Mill,.. Read More

Kendrick Lamar Amazes High School Teens

Kendrick Lamar Visits High School and Stuns Students Kendrick Lamar has quickly risen to fame to become one of the top hip hop artists for today. Recently, he decided to share his talents with others. This past Monday, Lamar made a trip to High Tech High School in North Bergen, New Jersey, where he spent the day listening to poetry and interacting with the students by way of freestyling and sharing lyrics. This.. Read More

Ice Cubes Talk Reuniting N.W.A. At BET Live Experience

  If you’re a fan of gangsta rap, you’re undoubtedly familiar with the lyrical styles of Ice Cube. Cube’s dynamic flow and undeniable chemistry with fellow bandmates N.W.A. were a staple in the early 90’s rap scene. However, a recent article posted on reported that Cube and the group are reuniting for a live performance on “BET’s: The Live Experience.” Flanked by colleagues Snoop, SchoolBoy Q and Kendrick Lamar, Cube promises a performance that.. Read More