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Dr. Johanan Rand has made a name for himself in the healthcare sector. He is the founder of the famous Healthy Aging Medical Centers geographically located in New Jersey. Also a physiatrist, rehabilitation doctor as well as a physical medical doctor, Dr. Rand is a trained professional who attended Albert Einstein Medical Center. Currently, he is a peer-review doctor. It is crucial to note that Dr. Rand only practices what he can support with a published journal or better yet, an article. Otherwise, he shall not recommend a prescription however life-threatening a patient’s medical condition is.


Background Data

Moreover, Dr. Rand is a qualified healthcare practitioner who believes that age is a bitter pill to swallow and as time goes by, it becomes necessary to beat the odds of suffering from age-related diseases. Therefore, Dr. Rand decided to establish Healthy Aging Medical Centers to beat the onset of these diseases in the human body.


Roles and Contributions

In his capacity as the founder and project leader of Healthy Aging Medical Centers, Dr. Rand is responsible for providing cutting-edge therapies for a regenerative approach to medicine and age-related diseases. Besides, Rand is well versed in the aspects of perfect service delivery, and he uses these skills to provide high touch programming platforms for medical care.


Additional Information

Rand’s practice additionally addresses the individual needs of different patients. The management is qualified to the extent of using functional, regenerative as well as integrative approaches to beat age and any other diseases related to it. A look further into this facility shows that the practice issues custom programs to implement the right prevention and treatment methods while allowing optimum health.


The Overview

Conclusively, Dr. Johanan Rand is passionate about helping people to boost their self-esteem by living healthy lives. His approaches have in one way or the other been documented and proven to provide vitality and health to patients. For those who have been treated by Dr. Johanan Rand, a hero is the best title for this man because his patients have attested to his professional character and qualifications. Moreover, he dispenses his services through a qualified customer care team that is always ready to work on patients.


The RealReal is definitely going to give people a much better deal when it comes to luxury consignment. This is a website that serves as a luxury consignment store. People are definitely getting interested in what this company has to offer because it presents something that is new and intriguing. In the past most people found themselves with limited options when it came to luxury items. There are a ton of stores that have open box policy for electronics, but there are very few stores that sell luxury items.

Even Plato’s Closet is known for selling used clothing, but it still does not cater to the crowd that is willing to pay for luxury consignment. This is where The RealReal shines. It is a company that has put an effort into getting genuine products that are not knock-offs. That is often one of the other big things that stops a lot of people from engaging and buying used luxury items. They never know if it is real. They also often do not know what kind of condition these items are in. The great thing about The RealReal is that it has given people more confidence about the authenticity of the items that are being sold.

It is also setting a new precedence when it comes to the way that people perceive consignment items. In the past there may have been a bit of a stigma attached to consignment clothing stores. Today, however, stores like The RealReal are setting a whole new level of expectation when it comes to these type of environments. Men and women are much more comfortable with buying luxury items at great discounts because they know that the quality here is guaranteed by The RealReal CEO Julie Wainwright.

A wide range of consumers have put their money into The RealReal items, and this makes it easier for this company to bring forth a brand new store in New York City. The time is right, and the consumer base is poised and ready for a physical store where they can buy items and get their luxury items sold.

American sports is big time. The top four leagues are MLB, NFL, NHL and NBA. Why Is Wes Edens NBA so popular?

Fast Paced NBA

Americans like speed. They have a tough time with soccer because 1 goal might be all they see after 2 hours.

Americans love the NBA because it is fast-paced. The children have NBA video games and can imagine themselves playing.

The Golden State Warriors have been the epitome of fast-paced play with their 3-point shooting. The Milwaukee Bucks hope to catch the Warriors at some point. They hope their co-owner Wes Edens can load the team up with talent.

Youth Driven NBA

The NBA is youth driven. It has very young athletes. Some are straight from high school. This appeals to the younger generation.

Companies marketing their products and services have made sports big time. With the NBA, marketers can reach the youngest marketing sector. This is a key demographic.

NBA Hip Hop Culture

Some of the experts have compared the dynamics of the top sports leagues in America. Major League Baseball has the oldest demographic. You might hear Frank Sinatra at Milwaukee Brewer’s games.

The NFL is also aging. The Green Bay Packers might have Van Halen blasting on their loudspeakers.

The youngest dynamic for major sports is the NBA. This is the hip hop culture. You can see celebrities in the front row, cheering their Milwaukee Bucks on. This is one of the keys to NBA success. Buck Co-Owner Wes Edens understands this youth appeal and lets the good times roll.

Kareem Abdul Jabbar discussed how NBA popularity was increasing in 2017. He said, “This year the NBA, despite its protests, has increased its TV ratings by 32%, while the NFL’s viewership dropped from 16.5m viewers last year to 15m this year.” The NBA has always been a player’s league.

Being a player’s league can be good or bad, but it is more appealing to the fans. People show up to watch the players, not the referees or coaches. The NFL dropped the ball when it banned end zone dances.

If you just ran 100 yards to score a touchdown, wouldn’t you want to celebrate? Of course you would. The NFL said “No.”

The NBA is “Fantastic!” It knows that the event is an entertainment spectacle. It does not treat the fans like taxpayers being audited, like the NFL does.

No one can really understand the NFL catch rule. The concussion protocol is much-needed. The reviews are ruining the spontaneity of the game.

The NBA is more fluid in its approach. It does not create arcane rules that no one can understand. It wants to optimize the number of fans. The result has been positive publicity for the NBA and negative publicity for the NFL.

Wes Edens’ NBA is so popular because it seems to give the fans what they want. They want to have a good time watching great athletes compete. Isn’t that the essence of the appeal of sports?

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NGP VAN is Washington D.C.-basedcompany which helps progressive candidates get elected in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. They provide their campaigns with software tools which help them organize, raise funds, and manage their social media accounts. Most Democratic candidates running for national office have been using the services of NGP VAN for the past decade, including both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton as well as Bernie Sanders.

In addition to being involved in national campaigns, NGP VAN also helps local campaigns as well as local governments, nonprofits, and non-governmental organizations. With all this experience in hand they recently advised campaign staff on how to efficiently perform their cutting turf efforts. This part of campaigning is very time-intensive as it involves marking up maps and setting up walklists which can take a great deal of time.

NGP VAN recently introduced Distributed Canvassing which is a software tool which will dramatically help cut down how much time and effort doing a cutting turf operation takes to set up. It also allows volunteers to be more flexible when out greeting voters and answering questions about the candidate they represent. Organizing Product Manager Jennifer Willis has explained how Distributed Canvassing is already changing how a campaign’s ground game is conducted.

Jennifer Willis says that right now there’s a standard workflow most campaigns follow which is lengthy with seven steps involved. Distribute Canvasing chops this down to just two steps. It’s that simple. The first step involves setting the program up, putting what script you want to be used, and specify how many doors each volunteer should knock on. The second step is to create a list number. The campaign organizer distributes that list number and this tool automatically cuts the turn which is based on where he volunteer presently is.

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The idea for Distributed Canvasing was born out of an earlier app called Knock 10. That app gave each volunteer the location of the 10 nearest voters to go meet and greet. NGP VAN heard feedback about how this went for candidates and modified it to make it even better.

Adam Milstein provides both philanthropic and charitable services to numerous organizations to provide the Jewish people with strength. The services he provides include fundraising, partnership development, consulting and support programs. His focus is on Jewish education, Jewish continuity, the state of Israel, and Pro-Israel advocacy. Adam Milstein employs a philanthropic philosophy consisting of three principles. These include active philanthropy, life path impact and philanthropic synergy. He is an accomplished author for the JNS and has recently published an article.

Adam Milstein wrote about the accusations of Minister Avigdor Lieberman regarding the President of the PA planning to stop all funds to Gaza. This includes salary payments, health, water and electricity. He blamed Israel for the crisis and this was the beginning of the clash between Israel and Hamas. The car ramming attack responsible for the death of two Israeli soldiers and the serious injuries to two others was linked by the defense officials to the President of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas.

Adam Milstein believes if the United States President Donald Trump does not rescind his opinion of Israel’s capital being Jerusalem and stands by his decision that this is where the United States embassy should be moved the Palestinians will refuse to participate in the diplomatic negotiations. He believes the International Negotiations U.S. Special Representative will be boycotted. A diplomatic intifada will be imposed on Israel and sanctions of the Gaza Strip and Hamas. Israel will most likely be blamed for the humanitarian crisis.

The article stated Israel was informed by a senior defense official Abbas understands violence may result from his policies. The assumption is the policies of Abbas are based on President Trump’s dangerous declaration on Jerusalem. The regional consequences may be severe. There is no difference if this is referred to as the policy of three noes or a policy of refusal. Abbas must face the responsibility either way due to their lack of dialogue. Abbas additionally stated any compromises for Jerusalem would not end his tenure in office. Abbas stated an act of treason would not end his life. He intends to pass his three noes policy down to the next generation of Ramallah leaders.

OSI Food Solutions, better known as OSI Group, is at the top of its game, and it’s dominating the foodservice industry in a number of ways. The Aurora-based company has been expanding its global network further and further in the past few years. To get right to the thick of it, OSI Food Solutions has acquired other companies to make itself even more successful. One of its top acquisitions was in 2016. The company purchased Tyson Foods’ Chicago-based plant for a whopping $7.4 million. This plant is in prime location to other OSI plants in the area. OSI Food Solutions was able to hold onto at least 250 of the 450 total employees. This plant is huge thanks to its 200,000 square-feet of real estate.

On the other hand, the company has strengthened its foundation even more by acquiring Flagship Europe. Flagship Europe is a food-giant overseas as it specializes in producing pies, frozen goods, dressings, dips and sauces. One of the biggest advantages of this acquisition is that Flagship Food Group is located right here in the U.S. One of the major things about food service providers is that the top companies has facilities in many different countries. By doing so, this makes the company become much more efficient. Russell Maddock, chief executive of Flagship Europe, stated that “this is another progressive development that will strengthen the company’s position in the marketplace.”

OSI Food Solutions has been conducting great business practices for up to a century. The company was founded by German-immigrant Otto Kolschowki, and it opened its doors in 1909. Otto & Sons was its name in the earlier days, and it offered some of the most tasty meats in the American Midwest. Though the company’s headquarters is in Aurora, Illinois, the company used to be headquartered in Maywood, Illinois. OSI has been conducting business in China for over two decades, which has helped to boost China’s economy dramatically. This is a top 100 company for sure, and it has been listed on the affluent Forbes list for many years.

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When it comes to investing, there are many options and a smart investor will diversify his holdings. One area is that of investing in natural resources and, as Matt Badiali shares, buying the right commodity at the right time can provide a steady stream of returns. Currently, Matt recommends one metal in particular. He describes why he believes this is the right time to buy zinc. Visit the website to learn more.

A Closer Look at the Value of Zinc

As Matt Badiali shares, natural resources on the markets go through cycles that can last several years. He uses zinc’s past by way of an example. In 2011, zinc established itself as a bear on the market and it remained that way for several years, before eventually taking a turn. This means that investing in these kinds of commodities requires a good amount of patience and may not be for the faint of heart.

Even those investors who try to be patient typically sell after just a couple of years. They grow frustrated or fear losing even more, as the prices continue to drop, and end up selling far too early. Referring back to that zinc bear market, that cycle lasted for five years.

So, when a natural resource enters a bull phase, investors must be ecstatic. Right? Think again. It becomes a highly stressful situation, especially on days when the price remains constant. If the price dips, even minimally, investors may panic and dump their shares too soon. They believe they’re avoiding a big loss by selling, but may later find out that the drop was just a temporary downturn. Follow Matt on Facebook.

Getting back to zinc, Matt reveals that the market is showing some impressive gains. At the start of 2016, zinc was selling at $0.66 per pound, but that price had risen to $1.45 per pound by the end of 2017. That shows a 120% gain in just under two years. Until 2011, when the market for zinc turned, impressive increases continued to raise the price of zinc. Overall, that cycle resulted in a total 533% increase. This is just the same type of condition Matt Badiali believes we’re seeing in the zinc market right now. Expecting a 500% gain or more would bring zinc up to $3.96 per pound.

About Matt Badiali

Matt is an authority in mining, agriculture, and energy. He attended Penn State University, where he earned a B.S. in earth sciences. Following graduation, Mr. Badiali continued his education at Florida Atlantic University, where he received a Masters degree in geology.

Before exploring his interests in the financial sector, Matt worked as a consultant for an environmental protection company. He also functioned as a geologist for a drilling company. Today, Matt Badiali writes for Banyan Hill, combining his love for geology with his passion for investing.


The Chainsmokers have become a household name almost overnight, with their hits including “Don’t Let Me Down”, and “Roses”, the DJ duo seems unstoppable. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart were recently interviewed by Mathias Rosenzweig for Interview Magazine, in which they revealed that their great success has come from a combination of life experience, hard work, and chance meetings.

Alex and Andrew met through Alex’s manager, and quickly knew that the fit would be perfect. They started working together, and four years later, we have The Chainsmokers as they are today. The duo was able to collaborate with the artist Halsey on their new song “Closer”, in which Andrew will not only be the writer, but also the singer of the song.

Being in the electronic genre, Alex and Andrew knew that they would have to stand out amongst the many DJs and producer in genre, and took their love for music a step further by stepping outside their comfort zones and creating lyrics to their electronic beats. Their gamble paid off. Fans across the world have used social media to express their love for The Chainsmokers.

While writing the lyrics and creating the music is their passion, Alex and Andrew have made a point to continue their growth in the music industry by performing their creations in unique ways. Many DJs will simply put on a set for their audience, not for The Chainsmokers, they are in constant communication with each other on ways to improve their show for the fans. Soon they will be putting on a festival at Red Rock, in which they hope to use a mix of videos and live performances to enhance the viewer experience.

The Chainsmokers are sure to be around for the long haul, their unique blend of electronic music, personally styled lyrics, and live performances is sure to keep them on everyone’s radar.

Ricardo Tosto is from the country of Brazil. He is a successful attorney. His full name is Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. Tosto is well known in his home country. He has a Bachelor’s Degree from a high status school. He majored in law. Business Administration was his extension course in school. He is a Corporate Lawyer at a very successful company. The company is called Tosto e Barros Advogados. He lives in Sao Paulo. San Paulo is a State in the country of Brazil. Ricardo keeps an active social life. He keeps up on media applications and blogs.

Ricardo Tosto has been recognized as an expert in his field of work. He is the owner of an attorney office. He works for other independent legal companies as well. Ricardo continues to succeed as an attorney. He has shown his passion and dedication thru his work. Brazil sees the many accomplishments that Ricardo has done in the legal field.

Ricardo Carvalho’s career has been very successful. His passion is in the legal system. The country of Brazil has a large success rate with attorneys. Brazil is known as the third’s largest country in the world with successful lawyer. They have a high number of legal schools. Ricardo went to one of these high status schools. It is one of the many reasons why he has had so much success in his career. He grew his own business right out of law school. His strategies and expertise have shown through out his career. Ricardo’s many job opportunities have been inside the courtroom and in the real world. Click here

OSI Group, formerly known as OSI Industries prior to 2004, is a re-known frozen meat supplier for retail and fast food chains. The mega processor has played a major role in supplying frozen patties for the McDonald’s Corporation since 1955. OSI Group started out as a quaint family meat market in Oak Park Illinois as early as 1909. It began selling premium ground beef and meat cuts which then evolved into quality frozen beef patties. The store propelled with the ballooning of the fast-food revolution. This is where the necessity for fresh, quality meat patties became heightened. The group eventually became McDonald’s only meat supplier. OSI Group made great strides, by 1973 they opened their first rapid-producing meat plant in the west end of Chicago.

The meat facility was combined with the best that technology offered-meat patty forming machines plus cryogenic food processing which preserved foods via liquid nitrogen freezing. OSI Group began to supply their goods in other local markets before trailblazing into another level of success. In 1999, the group entered into a licensing agreement with the Glenmark brand, a subsidiary of Best Chicago Meat Co., LLC. This brought not only a new state of the art plant to the up and coming meat processor, but it also meant that OSI would benefit from their technology of individually quick frozen products-guaranteeing optimum freshness and flavor.

These factors alone would prove to change the landscape of the once-modest business. From here, OSI would trudge forward with acquiring a second Chicago meat processing facility-the 200,000 square-foot Tyson Foods plant. The new facility would promote their concept and support OSI’s growth and sustainability. This turned out to be a $7.4 million transaction for OSI-allowing the company to meet their customers changing demands. OSI Group produces a variety of foods such as meat patties, poultry, bacon, sausage, pizza, dough products, vegetables, and fish.

Their factories specialize in beef, pork, poultry, sausage and bacon, fried food, sous vide, pizza, and produce processing. The supplier is a leading global food solution provider for progressive retail chains like McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King, and Starbucks to name a few.

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