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Whitney Wolfe, founder of the popular dating app Bumble, first met Michael Herd on a snowy winter’s day in Aspen, Colorado. Christmas was just around the corner and both families were vacationing at a popular ski resort. The two were introduced by a mutual friend and unsurprisingly it was Wolfe who took the lead in their courtship. However, little did she know this holiday romance would lead to her walking down the aisle just four years later.

In her elegant lace Oscar de la Renta gown and surrounded by family and friends the two were married at Villa Tre Ville on the Amalfi Coast in early September. Surprisingly, the event had very minimal social media coverage leaving a lot of the intimate details unknown to the outside world. What is known publicly is that Whitney Wolfe has no plans of slowing down the pace with Bumble in spite of her new relationship status.

Bumble started out as simple swipe style dating app but has grown to be much more than that. Bumble BFF launched in 2016 as a way for young people to find new friends in their area. The latest feature to launch just this year is Bumble Bizz, which marries the idea of Linkedin with the features of a dating style app. Users upload a digital resume, portfolio examples, and a summary of skills to their profiles so they can find others to network with or mentors in their fields.

The idea came to Wolfe when she realized the air of intimidating formality that comes with traditional networking sites like Linkedin. Bizz aims to create a more casual environment. Like the rest of the app, women make the first move when reaching out to their new prospects. Wolfe has stuck to this format because she believes it is important to “empower women to have the confidence to make the first move within a professional environment.” The app will become available with its official launch on October 18th. To  know more about us: click here.

Of course, the ambitious Wolfe did take some time off before diving back into work with a lengthy honeymoon with her new husband traveling across Europe. Finally, the woman who has made a career out of matchmaking has had her fairytale wedding.

NuoDB is an SQL database company that was established in 2008. This company was originally named NimbusDB. Jim Starkey was a co-founder of NuoDB. The developer and marketer of NuoDB is NuoDB Inc. As a NewSQL database, NuoDB resembles a typical SQL database. A modern elastic SQL database, such as NuoDB, offers nonstop availability.
Data elements are separated into “atoms”. The “durable distributed cache” design allows the prevention of data bottlenecks as access conflicts can be detected and resolved with the multi-version concurrency control (MVCC). Peer-to-peer messaging makes the routing of tasks to the nodes possible. If transaction volume is low, resources can be removed from the database to maintain low costs.

The scalability of the NuoDB system allows for more efficient operation. NuoDB stands out from other database networks because it does not require hardware replacement for database expansion. Instead, the addition of new service is the only thing needed to expand the databases of the NuoDB system. ACID compliance is included within this SQL database system to allow reliable transactions. Over one million transactions per second could be processed by the data tiered structure with transaction engines (TE) and storage managers (SM) is used by the NuoDB database.

NexBank Capital, Inc. recently participated in the Texas Bankers Association’s 5th Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference. The conference is a group discussion outlet for leaders in the banking industry. The banking leaders gather to discuss and debate the multiple opportunities and difficulties that are present in the banking industry. John Holt, the President and CEO of NexBank Capital, Inc. participated in the discussion on “Reinventing Community Banking.”

NexBank Capital, Inc. based in Dallas, Texas, is a large company that serves it clients in commercial banking, mortgages, and institutional services. NexBank is the 4th largest bank in Dallas and the 11th largest bank in the state of Texas. The financial capacity of NexBank allows them to service multiple types of clients from larger corporations to small businesses. They have been named a preferred lender by the small business administration.

Nexbank offers a wealth of banking and lending services. Through the commercial banking division, NexBank offers real estate and corporate lending as well as specialty financing and wealth management. Nexbank also offers mortgage services such as warehouse lines of credit, wholesale channels, and mortgage servicing rights. The institutional services division offers corporate financing, tailored deposit services, and property management expertise.

NexBank also offers personal banking services. Personal accounts and services include checking, savings, and home mortgages. They also offer 24 hour access to online banking services for personal banking clients.

I love traveling and so do most people, the reason being that it is huge fun and enjoyable especially when the aim is to relax and get away from work.

However, people do not put a lot of consideration on their dental hygiene during such trips, and sometimes we completely forget about our teeth. Many obstacles make it hard to observe the daily dental hygiene.

Dr. Cameron Clokie felt the need to address this issue and guide people on how to keep their dental health while traveling. One important thing to remember is to pack the essentials for cleaning our teeth, and that is enough toothbrushes, toothpaste, and water bottles.

The other thing to remember is keeping the toothbrush dry once you are done brushing. The reason for this is because having a wet toothbrush offers a favorable environment for bacteria which comes from our teeth after brushing. Read more: Bros Don’t Let Bros Have Bad Breath: Toronto Oral Surgeon Cameron Clokie Helps You Make a Good First Impression

The bacteria will tend to multiply and end up causing a disease when the toothbrush is used again. It is crucial to keep everything dry, and using a dryer helps. Extra dental products which are portable are necessary such as dental floss, mouthwash, and toothpicks.

Such products are used to reach the parts of our teeth that the brush cannot access. Having such products is wise as there are places where one can’t access them, for example, the beach or mountains. Learn more about Cameron Clokie: and

Double sets of dental cleaning tools also help in case the first sets are misplaced. Instilling such habits helps one maximize their dental hygiene during trips.

Another important thing to remember is packing gums with low levels of sugar. Dr. Cameron explained the importance of gum as a way to help clean our teeth.

People have always believed that chewing gum is not a good habit, but this is wrong. The doctor clarified that chewing gum is a good practice as long as they are sugar-free.

Chewing gum helps cleanse the teeth by encouraging the saliva flow. Green tea also protects the teeth and having them is beneficial. Taking caution on what you eat during trips also helps keep teeth clean and healthy.

Cameron Clokie is an excellent dental doctor with enough experience and skills. Any issues that relate to the dental formula is best addressed by the physician.

Real estate developers whose reputation is trustworthy will always put their best feet forward. Their reputation is sometimes only something we think we trust, but later on distrust as we know their shady deals. How do we know which to believe then when real estate developers can prevaricate or dissimulate their promises and deals? The good shortcut method in trusting is to just look for the best. In case of real estate in New Jersey, that one best real estate company you can trust is Boraie Development.

In the last report about Boraie from Philly Purge, an analysis showed that New Jersey is gradually becoming the great epicenter of real estate market that it once was. New Jersey is reclaiming their status and is now in a rebound for becoming one of the country’s densely populated regions that can serve the demands of those looking for the best homes.

According to the analysis made by Bloomberg, which is a real estate tracking tool, New Jersey has now established itself as having the highest shares and premium payments of mortgages coming from the residential category. This fact only means that the rate of foreclosures in the state may have now decreased, and more people are now feeling safe in purchasing homes in the New Jersey areas.

The Potential for Boraie

All these potentials have hushed the sound of distrust among real estate buyers, making them trust more their instincts to buy more properties offered by companies like Boraie Development. The upcoming development in Boraie’s portfolio doesn’t come inferior, though. All the housing products they offer can improve the economy of New Jersey and will continue to do so even after Boraie’s now twenty years of quality service for the real estate market.

As you can see in Boraie Realty’s website, Boraie’s development projects are lovely, fascinating and trustworthy. With the promises of delivery always being kept by Boraie, they continue to retain the reputation of a trusted real estate developer with such highly sought-after projects.

So how does Boraie achieve this kind of success? Simple: they tap the private capital and not the public ones. They make sure that their primary source of funding comes from commercial banks and the like. They also ensure that the buildings they offer for the public are of excellent variety, style, and construction.

This goal is only possible with the help of remarkable workforce, including architects who share the same vision. It is a good thing that Boraie knows this and is committed to envisioning so all the time.

The terrain of of the political landscape has been transformed significantly over the last few years. This is due to a little, or a rather a big ruling by the Supreme Court that is known as Citizens United vs Federal Election Commission. Some years ago the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that corporations, which are essentially businesses that are incorporated through legal documents have the same rights to freedom of speech under the First Amendment as actual living, breathing human citizens that the First Amendment was originally designed to protect. The Supreme Court case that is colloquially known to the world as Citizens United turned the political fundraising landscape into the wild wild west, a world where anything goes and anyone with pockets that are deep enough can exert undue influence on which candidates actually have a shot at getting elected to public office.

What the court case that is known as Citizens United did was allow groups that are known as super political action committees the ability to be able to accept donations regardless of who gave them those donations and how much the person or entity in question donated to a super political action committee. Prior to the Supreme Court’s ruling on Citizens United entities such as unions and corporations were not allowed to donate to political action committees at all. Those rules might seem like a drag on the surface but they were very effective at protecting the integrity of the political process and ensuring that things were fair for everyone who is involved. Under the weakened campaign finance laws that were introduced by the advent of Citizens United corporations and unions have now long been able to donate money to super political action committees (known typically as super PACs) in ways that have influenced elections.

The group End Citizens United wants to go back to a time in the recent past when campaign finance laws actually ensured that the process that is used to raise money to fund the campaigns of people who are running for office. The group’s goal is to accomplish this by raising money that can be used to fund the campaigns of political candidates who are dedicated to running on a platform that involves introducing more effective campaign laws that will keep the political process more fair for everyone involved and keep political candidates accountable to the people who have elected them. According to the news publication USA Today the group End Citizens United is on target to meet some very critical fundraising goals in its fight to make the electoral process more fair. The group was able to raise $4 million during the first quarter of 2017. This will put it on track toward its goal of raising $35 million for the midterm elections that are slated to take place in 2018.

ClassDojo is a creative solutions app for classrooms that helps to connect students, parents, and teachers in a meaningful and productive way. It is being used by 90% of K-8 schools in the United States as well as more than 180 countries worldwide and has been translated into over 35 different languages. It has won awards from Forbes, TechCrunch, Inc., and LinkedIn and continues to astonish teachers and parents in classrooms wherever it is being used.

Out With The Old and In With The New

The app allows teachers to award their students in very unique ways, because the old ways of rewarding children with marks on a board are fading. In place of these outdated methods ClassDojo is helping to put better tools in teacher’s hands, such as, the +1 system in the ClassDojo app that allows teachers to give their students positive reward marks when they perform well or simply raise their hand to answer a question. This system is not only making it much easier for teachers to quickly give their students positive marks, but it is also encouraging shy children as well as other children who don’t usually participate an extra incentive to do so.

Parents Get A Better Idea of What Their Kid Is Really Doing In Their School

ClassDojo is also providing parents with a better understanding of what their children are doing in their class so they can connect with them in a more meaningful way after school. The app does so by allowing parents to watch what kinds of activities their children are participating in and exactly what their input is. The new Student Stories feature in ClassDojo will allow school kids to add videos and images to stories they tell that are centered around what they learning, and these stories can be shared with their parents. To add to this, teachers who use ClassDojo can instantly message any of their student’s parents without them knowing they are doing so, and parents can translate these messages into any language that is needed.

In Brazil’s competitive private banking sector, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi emerges above the rest and redefines the meaning of business leadership. According to him, he insists that the aspect of leadership has no meaning if it’s not intended for effective service provision. He proves his words through the position he held at Bradesco bank and how he managed to improve its performance emerging as one of the best.

Through his success record, consistency and hard work are some of the important qualities he possesses. These characters enabled him to become the president of Bradesco Bank. The bank mainly focuses on providing pension services and Insurance to the people of Brazil.

The 66-year-old president of Bradesco was raised in the city of Marilia. This also happens to be the original city where Bradesco bank was initially started. Despite his interest in banking and economic affairs, his academic life was not related to business. A former student of Philosophy at Sao Paulo University, he went against all odds to become a top Brazils entrepreneurial icon.

Brazil’s private banking sector is very competitive in nature. Before taking Bradesco’s Presidential position, the bank faced heavy competitions from rival banks. Itaú Unibanco had dominated Brazils banking arena for long. It had outnumbered Bradesco in total number of clients, capital, and shares. All this changed through a critical decision that Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi made as the president of the bank. Through strategic planning, he managed to purchase a branch of HSBC bank that was in Brazil. This was an expensive decision that cost Bradesco a total of 5.2 Billion US Dollars. The decision had to be approved by the bank’s board of governors. Their approval made the purchase as the greatest business transaction Brazil had ever witnessed in the 2015 financial year. From this, he was entitled as Brazil’s top entrepreneur of the year.

Bank Bradesco managed to beat all the other rival banks to becoming the largest share holder in Brazil. It possessed the most branches and closed the gap in terms of assets. According to Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi , he managed to enable the bank make achievements that would have equivalent a sum of 6 years. It took him exactly forty years to become the president of Bradesco. His hard work has enabled him to earn various awards boosting his reputation. He started working for the bank in 1969 as a simple Clark. His impressive marketing skills for four years had him promoted to being the Vice President. His entrepreneurial and leadership skills had him hold the presidential position in 2003 at the Bradesco Group of Insurance. He also worked in the banks marketing department for four years.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is a true patriot to his country of Brazil. This is through his leadership roles in the economic sector. These include effective leadership in various companies/ societies and marketing of Brazil to the world. He was a great advocate of Christ the Redeemer statue to receive recognition as one of the wonders of the world. This was through his active participation in campaigns that enabled Brazil’s popularity to grow through the approval of Christ the Redeemer statue. His hard work and dedication made him famous among local and international scenes.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi contributions to Bradesco are estimated to be over 30%, promoting to the current performance of the bank. In Brazil, he has used his local and international fame to advocate for the importance of insurance. In his various interviews and public speeches, he has continually emphasized on the aspect of patriotism. He urges the Brazilian citizens to never give up and have confidence in prosperity. He is renowned as a simple hard working individual. Through his effective contribution to Brazil’s economy, he was offered the governments Ministry of Finance position by Honorable Dilma Rousseff, Former Brazilian president. He declined the offer proving his simple nature. He truly redefines leadership.

Some people are destined to do great things, and there are many brilliant minded individuals in every field of work. The technology industry is one of the most fascinating and popular industries in the world. This is the “digital age” and technology is the main weapon of choice. Eric Pulier is one of these brilliant minded individuals as this guy has a commanding presence across this field. The Teaneck, New Jersey, native has always been a bit different since a young age. In just the fourth grade, he programmed his very first computer. After high school, Harvard University was his next stop. Despite his love for technology, his major was in English & American literature. He even found time to take classes at MIT. He had more than a full schedule to deal with, but it was his strong passion that helped allowed to excel. In 1988, he graduated Magna Cum Laud.

Pulier would take his talents to California in 1991, and this is when his professional career took off. Technology was his heart and soul, but he found a way to implement this passion into his brilliant technological ideas. Right out the gate, Pulier founded a company that was named People Doing Things. This company used technology to find solutions in the healthcare and education field. By this point in time, his name had began to ring within the industry. He also helped to build one of the first private social media networks. Starbright World was a hit as it connected thousands of chronically ill children via blog, chat and post. The ball was finally in his hands, and he certainly delivered throughout the years. Pulier has founded over 15 companies throughout his career. This includes Desktone Inc., XPRIZE, Service Mesh Inc., Akana Software and many more.

Being such a tech master, he has invested in numerous technological start-up companies. Many of these companies have gone on to become a success in their own right. The guy just has that magic touch and as of today, he’s a loving father of four who resides in Southern California.

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Securus Technologies has played a critical role in the way the correctional industry has been able to shape itself in the last few years. The company started its operations around three decades back and since then has been able to win the hearts of the millions of inmates who it helped reconnect with its friends and family. The inmate communication services offered by the company have assisted in changing the lives of millions of prisoners over the years. Such technology is essential to ensure that the inmates can communicate with their family members and friends.


Securus Technologies also offers investigative technology that helps the law enforcement officers to perform their duty efficiently. Such technology also plays a significant role in ensuring that the criminals are not able to get away with their crimes easily. The law enforcement officers always have the upper hand in such cases as they can use advanced investigative technology offered by Securus Technologies to collect evidence against the criminals. Securus Technologies focuses on many different aspects of its operations to provide an all-inclusive and value for money services to the end users. The inmates across the country trust the services of Securus Technologies. The law enforcement officers also keep writing to the company regarding how the investigative services offered by the firm are helping them perform their duties well.


Securus Technologies serves more than a million inmates and over three thousand law enforcement agencies. The company has played a very crucial role in the modernization of the correctional industry, which otherwise has been dormant for many years. Securus Technologies has received rave reviews from thousands of its customers online. The company’s CEO, Rick Smith, is optimistic about the company’s future and believes that Securus Technologies has a leading role to play in shaping the future of the correctional industry.


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