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The early life of Milan Kordestani involved moving from California to England due to family issues that surrounded the marriage between his parents. His early education involved spells at Eaton Square School and Sacred Heart Preparatory where he graduated from high school studies. His dedication in horse riding was unmatched, and he could not be scared by any horse, however, aggressive it was. This can be manifested through a situation that faced him where he was thrown off by a horse. Surprisingly, Milan got back on the horse and rode back to the camp. Very few people would have done that to a horse that just threw them off the trail.

His horse riding exploits would continue where he was motivated to ride any world-class available while at the same time gearing to win blue ribbons. Through his motivation in horse riding activities, Kordestani won a triple race through his competitive horse CH His Supreme Reflection. This win was not the only phenomenon achievement as Kordestani followed the win with another Steller performance at World Horse Show where he emerged fourth among a plethora of experienced riders. This performance would later be followed by other vital achievements in horse riding such as World Championship Horse Show, American Royal, and culminating this performance with a second finish in Five Gaited Show under his age group.

Kordestani dedication and innovation in horse riding could also be seen in entrepreneurship. He found the Milan Firm’s while in the second year, which is an excellent achievement for a person of his age and education. The firm specializes in the production of poultry, saffron, and eggs for commercial selling. The company works in connection with other organizations in the country to achieve its goals and objectives. Moreover, Milan Firm stands out as one of the first organizations to grow saffron through hydroponic technology.

Currently, Kordestani works as the CEO of the firm he found in 2015. The idea of the firm is to offer quality products to its customers who are organically produced. In this period where there are many people out there relying on false information to convince customers, Milan Firms provide an honest option to poultry and poultry product buyers.

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Victoria Doramus, the fashion expert, has shown that it is possible to overcome issues that develop in life if you are willing to try and overcome. Doramus had found that she was drawn to Adderall and cocaine. Instead of trying to manage the problem that she was having by herself she decided to go to rehab to try and get the help that she needed to overcome that problem that she was having. She decided to take a step to get help when she was 26. Doramus realized that she had a problem that affected her daily life. She wasn’t able to function so she felt the need to get help as fast as she could.

After going to rehab and returning home Victoria Doramus discovered that she got great tools in rehab, but the tools that she received were not powerful enough to help her stop. She found that the addiction that she had to Adderall and cocaine was not merely a problem, but it was a disease that she would have to fight off if she wanted to be completely healed. Doramus’ journey to recovery by herself turned out to be a failure. She had no family or friends and trying to stay sober turned into her trying to stay high. She did what she felt was necessary to remain high whenever she could.

In 2016 on Thanksgiving Victoria Doramus was arrested. After being arrested, she ended up in a facility in Texas that helped people overcome their addiction. She was there for 12 months. During the twelve months that she was in the facility, she was not able to use drugs at all. When Doramus, a creative marketer and trends expert, got out of the facility, she discovered that by helping people who have the problem that she had overcome she was able to stay sober. Visit her website to know more facts.

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Waste management and pollution-as-symbolism seem quite popular themes in modern fiction (qua, Dellilo’s Underworld) thus it seems fitting that Hollywood actor and sometimes reporter, Sean Penn’s debut novel should cast a waste management expert as the lead. Penn’s novel, curiously titled, ‘Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff,’ begins in — and tells the story of Bob, a boomer who works numerous different jobs, one of which happens to be a stint as an assassin. Bob is proficient, disgruntled, antisocial and yet extremely keen and idealistic; perpetually at odds with the powers that be, Bob ranges throughout the United States, on an absurdist journey of self discovery. To encompass and delineate any more of the plot would be a fairly faulty endeavor as the focus of the book is less on narrative clarity than on social commentary, which increases in terms of both frequency and indignation the further into the tome one delves.

Bob seems to be something of an avatar for Penn, especially given lines such as the following, “America, it seems to Bob, is no longer that beautiful girl who’d birthed him, but instead, the ghost of a girl he’d never known.” This line (and many similar one’s which can be found scattered throughout the book) encapsulate both the character’s outsider mentality as well as Penn’s own political frustrations. Some of his character’s are relatively transparent analogs to real life people, such as The Landlord, the president of Bob Honey, an unmistakable facsimile of Donald J. Trump, president of the United States of America (‘landlord’ doubtless referring to Trump’s history of business in the real estate industry). In the tale, Penn describes The Landlord as a “-violently immature seventy-year-old boy-man with money and French vanilla cotton candy hair,” such descriptions, whilst amusing, have been cited by critics as being a little “on the nose” and distracting to the plot.


Given the newness of the work, no critical consensus has yet been reached but the two principal opinions which seem to be forming, positive and negative, are firstly, that the book is narratively all over the place, yet, at the same time, a biting and highly amusing look into contemporary politics (and what Penn thinks about them). Thus, if you are someone who likes their fiction wild, multi-layered, crazy, colorful and relevant, Penn’s peculiar and incendiary novel, ‘Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff‘ might just be for you.

Ryan Seacrest is a man of several talents. You have seen him on Live with Kelly and Ryan to listening to him on the radio in his show On Air with Ryan. His time doesn’t stop there as he has created the Ryan Seacrest Foundation and is always giving back. His gig on American Idol continues from season to season and viewers are happy to see him back each time. What most may not know is that the fit and healthy Ryan Seacrest you see today used to be a heavyset kid. He struggled with his weight for years. He shares that he never took his shirt of near the pool by his house because of his weight issues.

Now in his late 30s, Ryan Seacrest has seemed to master the health and fitness game by working out daily or weekly. He’s happy to say that his workouts are like meetings. The are never to be missed or pushed aside. Even while he does his radio show, he is known for trying to get in a few reps to keep up with a goal and never missing a day. His fitness routine gives him the opportunity to change his cheating days. He is a lover of Mexican food and recently had tacos. Ryan believes motivation and moderation is the key to sticking to it all. He doesn’t panic about what he eats simply because he works out frequently. He knows how to maintain his balance at all times.

Ryan, who’s also busy with his own fashion line, has recently revealed to the world that he used to be the overweight kid in his community. He remembers times where he was teased and that still stays with him today. His weight loss allowed him to feel good about putting on a pair of pants. He now can walk into a room with confidence . Ryan’s best advice to anyone who may be going through the same thing, is to find balance. He believes this is the most important thing, if you want to maintain healthy both emotionally and physically. Though he may be 37, Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) certainly doesn’t feel it at all.

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Seasoned software company, NGP VAN, furnishes Democratic parties with the necessary tools to deliver a compelling campaign. Noted for their progressive roots and Democratic leanings, NGP VAN has worked alongside Democratic bigwigs including Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Bernie Sanders. Above all else, NGP VAN strives to equip their clients with factual, informative, and effectual voter information. Additional areas of expertise include fundraising, digital marketing, and organizing. Over the years, NGP VAN’s crafted cutting edge software that aims to garner pertinent data on specific audiences, in turn allowing candidates to appeal to their voters using targeted campaigns. In other words, NGP VAN aids in boosting voter engagement.

As an attempt to highlight their convenient and practical services, consider the company’s MiniVAN application. This nifty implementation enables users to gather voter data with the greatest of ease. In short, the MiniVAN app takes a streamlined approach to campaigning. As opposed to unwieldy and time-consuming door-to-door tactics, MiniVAN uses software that allows mobile users to enter their data via the application. What’s more, MiniVAN users can contribute to organizations and campaigns on MiniVAN’s platform. Perhaps the most advanced and useful of MiniVAN’s features includes the collection of data by organizers and volunteers. In essence, individuals can collect data from rally members using MiniVAN’s “stream team canvassing” feature.

As keen advocates of equal opportunity, NGP VAN maintains that the LGBTQ community is a primary constituent of the Democratic voter base. With that said, they intend to treat them as integral components. As an attempt to do so, NGP VAN incorporated non-binary pronouns into their contact records. No doubt a progressive effort, NGP VAN is rooted in unbiased ideals. In addition to being a competent and inclusive technology provider, NGP VAN= is also a champion of women’s rights.

As it happens, their company participated in the “A Day Without A Woman” movement. NGP VAN’s ability to recognize a woman’s role in the workplace only further illustrates their nondiscriminatory outlooks. However, the company’s women didn’t merely take a day off. Instead, they contributed their time and efforts to charitable causes including Suited for Change, the Sojourner Center, and Project Flow DC. Both proficient and progressive, NGP VAN is a company that’s well worth their salt.

OSI Industries has cultivated a company mindset of innovation which has helped drive their consistent expansion and success as a food processor. Their international operations are characterized by a broad range of resources for food production and culinary creation. In one recent year, they were highlighted by Forbes magazine as one of America’s largest privately held companies. Their unique history makes for an interesting story as they developed over a century.

The story of America has always featured immigration as a central backdrop and the founding of what would later become OSI Industries has a starring role for a recently arrived man from Germany. Otto Kolschowsky emigrated from Germany and opened up a butcher shop and meat market. He settled in Chicago and his business started in 1909 where many other German emigrants had settled also.

His first expansion was into wholesale meats and he thrived in this way for several decades. When his sons joined the business in 1928, they were called Otto & Sons and had become a trusted community member. This configuration was successful until the business expanded with an historic handshake agreement.

Ray Kroc was working for McDonald’s and in 1955 he selected Otto & Sons to be the meat supplier to the first franchise location in Des Plaines, Illinois. Both companies expanded at phenomenal rates as the chain restaurant model was a hit out of the gate.

One example of innovation at work was the early adoption of flash freezing technology by Otto & Sons in the sixties. This new procedure enabled them to ship burgers greater distances so they could keep up with McDonald’s. They became one of only four suppliers when the supply chain of McDonald’s was consolidated.

The name change to OSI Industries occurred in 1975 and reflected the changing nature of the business. That was also the same year that key executive Sheldon Lavin took a greater role in helping the company expand globally. His banking experience and vision for growth have propelled the company for decades.

A recent example of their continued growth around the world is the merger between OSI and Turi Foods from Austraila. The potential that exists with this new arrangement is substantial according to President David McDonald. He highlighted the enhanced opportunity for innovation and a chance for greater teamwork between the two groups. This is exactly the type of strategic partnership that OSI Industries is adept at crafting around the globe.  OSI Group acquires Baho Food

Fortress Investment Group’s CEO, Randal Nardone, has spent a huge chunk of his career at the asset management firm. The accomplished businessman went to the University of Connecticut where he successfully attained a BA in Biology and English. He later joined the University of Boston and he got his J.D. in Law.He began his career at the Thacher Proffitt & Wood law firm. While at the firm he served in the executive committee and became a partner before leaving the firm. His law career was not enough as he opted to venture into the financial world. He joined BlackRock Financial Management before heading to UBS where he was the managing director for a year.In 1998 Randal Nardone partnered with Wesley Edens to establish Fortress Investment Group. The two have developed the company from scratch to a world leader in asset management with private equity, real estate and capital markets as their main niches. It is based in New York and has offices all over the world. A year after founding the group Randal Nardone oversaw the launch of Fortress Investment Fund. He was also around for the launch of many other affiliates of the group. The Eurocastle Investment Ltd., Long Dated Value Funds, Fortress Partners Fund, Fortress Credit Opportunities Fund, Fortress Asia Macro Fund and Fortress Equity Partners have all been developed under his watch. He is a director of a number of these affiliates.

Other boards

His exploits at Fortress Investment Group have seen numerous other boards across the country seek his services. Through his illustrious career, Randal Nardone has served as president of Springleaf Financial Holdings. He has also been appointed the vice president of many other firms including Fortress Registered Investment Trust, Newcastle Investment Corp., and Newcastle Investment Holdings.

Employees reviews

Fortress Investment Group is a great place for any person starting out their finance career. They get to interact with the best financial minds around and can learn a lot if they put their minds to it. It also provides an opportunity to grow one’s career as there are numerous options to choose from. Most employees appreciate the intensity of work as it helps them to be better placed to handle tough situations.

Softbank Purchases FIG

Late last year Softbank, a Japan-based technology firm, parted with $3.3 billion to acquire Fortress Investment Group. This was an unprecedented move as Softbank is well known for its interest in technology. Randal Nardone kept his position at the helm of the group. He felt that the acquisition would improve the firm’s returns from the private equity investments and considerably increase their sales.

If you visit the website of Market America, you will find a lot of information about how you can own your own business while working with a reputable company. They have been in business since 1992 and have over 800 employees working for them. Market America is well established and has a reputation of having quality products. One of their websites is and it is there that business owners sell their products. Sites are maintained by the business owner while inventory and all shipping is done from Market America’s headquarters. This allows the business owner to have the freedom of working for himself while not having to retain any inventory. The model has been working well since Market America started. The current list of business owners working with them is quite long. Their headquarter staff works with these business owners on setting up their website and how to go about putting it to work for them.

Many companies have been using this same type of business model and all of them have been able to build a large owner base. Market America believes that this is how most businesses will be run in the future. They are continually seeking new products from all over the world and they stand behind their products. If a customer has a problem, they direct it to the business owner of the website who can then contact the company and seek resolution to it. Market America has a strong customer service department who can resolve any type of errors. If a product needs to be returned, it can be shipped directly to their offices and a replacement is sent out immediately. Business owners can select from their list of products to sell and may choose to sell a couple of them or have pages and pages of items for sale. Their websites are set up so that items are listed according to certain categories making it easy for a customer to find what he or she needs. Payment is made and goes directly to the main offices and each business owner is sent a monthly check.

Isn’t it quite rare to find someone who is a futurist, an investor, a philanthropist and an entrepreneur? The most obvious answer to that question would be a yes, but still, there are some rarities like Jason Hope. He is based out of Scottsdale, Arizona and is very passionate about technology and how he could give back to the community to make it a better place than it was yesterday. He has a degree from Arizona State University where he majored in Finance and also has an MBA degree from the college’s W.P. Carey School of Business. Even though Jason Hope started his career in mobile communications space, he is more inclined towards investing in startups that have revolutionary ideas to change the world. Besides this, he has also developed some interest in politics in the recent times.

One of the most revolutionary concepts Jason Hope talks about is the Internet Of Things, commonly called as IoT. He says that more and more technological advancements are being focused towards a wireless form of communication and that by the year 2020, it is estimated that there would be close to 25 billion things talking to each other. He mentions how wireless technology has impacted the automobile, medicine and even toothbrush industries. One of the key components of IoT is the Bluetooth beacon technology which has made it possible for objects to have a communication with individuals.

Jason Hope mentions that this amazing form of technology uses a transmitting device called beacon which is just there to gather and relay information and they are so small that you could imagine them getting glued to almost anything without an issue. He says that how top executives in the airline industry are paying so much attention to it as it not only facilitates their business operations in a lot smoother way but also enhances the overall customer experience. In fact, he mentions that more than 35% of the airline budget is being directed towards research and development activities relating to the Internet of Things and close to 58% of the companies have their eye on it to implement within the next three years.

Jason Hope strongly believes how IoT could become central to the airline industry within the next few years and it is just a matter of time how we could perceive the overall airline experience in a much different way. IoT, therefore, could not be perceived merely as a piece of fiction anymore.

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Ara Chackerian is a businessman and philanthropist based in California. Ara has dedicated his time and resources in giving to the youth and his community. Over the years Ara Chackerian has created a name for himself in giving back to the community.


In addition to Ara’s humanitarian work, he is also involved in I Healthcare research. Ara has played a big part in ensuring that the Healthcare is improved and this has also contributed to his popularity.


Some of the philanthropic works by Ara Chackerian.


Ara volunteers in Juma ventures, an organisation aimed at helping the less privileged raise their school fees. The company is based in San Fransico and has helped put. Many youths in the area through college.


Limonapo teal farm is another project Ara Chackerian has been involved in, to safeguard the environment Ara established limonapo which is intended to preserve the environment by promoting reforestation. Also, the project is set to employ people living around the area. You can visit



Ara Chackerian is a good example, and his legacy to help others and safeguard the environment will remain in people’s mind for many years to come. Ara is also involved in investments, he believes that the youths are the future of any country and has thus dedicated not only his resources but time.


With his resources, Ara has taken part in several projects and has helped uplift new projects by investing as well as providing advice. Ara is also a member of several boards that work towards improving the community. For more details visit LinkedIn.


Ara Chackerian’s involvement in the health sector.


Ara graduated with a degree in marketing, this led him to business and has helped him in running his invention TMS. Ara seeks to improve health care systems by using technology and through. TMS has achieved this.


TMS invention is aimed at providing treatment for depression, besides talking and therapies. TMS will help to detect patients level of stress through machines and provide a treatment that makes them feel safe. The treatment is effective not only for people with mild depression but those suffering from severe depression. Making it a reliable form of therapy.


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