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Having been through a lot in life, Victoria Doramus has no problem staying humble. Professionally she was doing pretty well for herself. She had worked at three California media companies which are Mindshare, Trendera, and Creative Artists Agency. She was also a creative consultant at Stila Cosmetics for a year. Despite all of this she was struggling with addiction behind the scenes and her life had spun out of control.

It was during the holidays of 2016 that Victoria Doramus says she finally hit rock bottom. She found herself homeless and she had burned through her personal relationships. She was able to get the help she needed at Burning Tree. After completing a long-term stay there she was released to a halfway house and worked as a waitress in order to support herself. She says that staying sober is always going to be the biggest challenge but she is meeting it head-on. She says that she prefers to live a transparent life and so doesn’t hide the struggles she has had with substances like alcohol and Adderall.

Victoria Doramus now spends her time giving back to others in the community. She has made the Amy Winehouse Foundation a big part of her life, helping others avoid becoming addicted to substances. She also wants to give hope to women in prison and so she joined the Women’s Prison Association. She also donates her time to two other nonprofits which are Room to Read and Best Friend’s Animal Society.

Now that she is on track and back to working hard she has big plans for her future. Victoria Doramus is planning to open a New York City halfway house. It will offer a place to live and services for those who also want to get sober and stop using drugs and alcohol. She is designing the business model she will follow and is also trying to line up funding for this. She says that nobody can get sober on their own and so she wants to start this halfway house to help others who have been in her shoes. Shop Victoria Doramus’s  Closet on Tradesy.

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Todd Levine grew up in Miami wanting to become a litigator. He became a student at the University of Florida and earned a finance degree in 1988. This same university’s Levin College of Law is where he earned his law degree in 1991, with honors. He passed the bar exam that same year and started working for a local law firm, Kluger, Peretz, Kaplan & Berlin. He stayed at this firm for 18 years.
In 2009 he co-founded another law firm which is Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine, P.L. He specializes in complex business disputes and commercial real estate litigation, although he handles other litigation cases as well. His clients have included investors, property managers, real estate brokers, and lending institutions. Many of his cases involve people in the entertainment and sports industry such as the former baseball star Alex Rodriquez.
He also represented Edie Laquer who is a well-known commercial real estate broker in Miami. Todd Levine has represented her in a number of cases including one where he won her a $3.4 million judgment. In this case, it was ruled that Africa Israel Properties had failed to pay her the commission they owed her on the sale of a property.
Outside of his legal career, Todd Levine enjoys a few hobbies. This includes playing the guitar, something he learned to play as a youth. He also plays the bass guitar and keyboard and enjoys drawing and art. He says that his hobbies definitely help him as a litigator because they give him a unique perspective on things.
He is a member of several legal organizations. These include the America Inns of Courts, the Dade County Bar Association, and the Florida Bar Grievance Committee. He also established an organization at the University of Florida called the Entertainment, Art & Sports Law Society.

James Larkin was born in the slums of Liverpool in England on January 21, 1876, where he was raised in a harsh environment and for this reason; Jim did not complete his education in a right way. Due to lack of enough knowledge, Larkin did various manual jobs to cater for the needs of his family. Jim worked in Liverpool docks where he rose to the ranks of supervisor.

Larkin enrolled to the National Union of Dock Laborers where he became a very active member. At the age of 29, Jim Larkin became a trade union organizer because he always believed that all workers have their rights to fair and equal treatment.

After two years, in 1907, Larkin moved to Dublin Ireland, and that was where he founded the Irish Transport and General Workers Union (ITGWU). The reason for his transfer is that as a trade union organizer, his aggressiveness did not go well with the NUDL. Read more: James Larkin | Biography and The Definite Biography of Big Jim Larkin – Irish Examiner

The ITGWU became the biggest union in Ireland because its primary focus was to bring all other Irish workers’ unions together. It was so strong that it organized many strikes successfully. One of the most successful strikes led by ITGWU was the 1913 lockout. During the strike, about 100,000 workers remained out of work for almost eight months.

Even though ITGWU staged the Dublin lockout and won the workers’ right to fair treatment successfully, it never survived and in 1914, the union dissolved. This was at the onset of the First World War, and Jim had led a series of anti-war demonstrations where he advised Irish people not to participate in the war.

James Larkin did not stop there, and he traveled to the USA in the same year to look for funding which would enable him to confront the British. While in America, he became a member of both the Industrial Workers of the World and Social Party of America.

James did not live in America for long and went back to Ireland in 1923. The following year, he founded Workers’ Union of Ireland. Jim Larkin continued to fight for workers’ rights, and he joined Labor Party in 1945 two years before his death which occurred in 1947.

Michael Hagele is a fan of the tech industry. Even before serving in his current role, as outside counsel for multiple technology companies, he invested in several firms that were in the early stages of development. He was not only a venture capitalist, but he was also a founder and investor of several establishments in the hospitality and restaurant industries.

His general counsel background includes software, hardware, licensing distribution and development agreements, domestic and international Internet, negotiations, drafting and closing technology, and telecommunications. In addition to those skills, He is knowledgeable about the commercial agreements used by technology companies for intellectual property purchases, sales, analysis of intellectual property rights portfolios, and how they are connected with corporate financing and M&A transactions. He’s also well-versed in marketing and promotional arrangements. Read more about Michael on Crunchbase

Michael Hagele enjoys his work and still remembers how an early job kept him motivated about pursuing his goals and completing his education. All experiences impact us either positively or negatively. He had a job while he was in college, working for a car wash during the winter in Chicago. As he recalls that experience, he vividly remembers the sensation of his cold, numb hands. It helped him stay focused on finishing what he had started – his education. He received his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Iowa and his law degree from the University of California.

When asked for recommendations on habits entrepreneurs should adopt, he stated, “One that I do over and over is physical activity. I try to exercise every day. For me, it sharpens my mind and recharges me. Stepping away from challenges at work to clear your head and take care of your body has multiple benefits.” Hagele has developed practices that maximize his effectiveness.

Today, he supports several technology companies, working as their outside counsel. He serves businesses that provide products in biotechnology, electronics, internet and, aerospace industries, and others that implement services in research and development, design and consulting. Michael Hagele believes social media is an effective resource for business growth. Michael Hagele’s primary strategy begins with his attitude – putting customers first.

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Many people who enjoy their retirement are those who come up with a sound investment and financial plan for it before it comes. The investment and financial plan shouldn’t just be confident but also efficient. Although some people are zealous in what they do and even put in much effort, they don’t enjoy amazing retirement days. This problem often occurs since they didn’t have the financial knowledge required to make a suitable investment plan early. It’s important to appreciate the role that a financial advisor or a registered investment advisory firm can perform in helping people plan their future. Most people seek help from RIA firms such as HCR Wealth Advisors because of their experience, knowledge, and customer service.

In an article from Whale Wisdom, it mentioned that the firm has provided its clients with investment ideas that can help them each secure their future. The service that the team at this firm provides has convinced other clients to seek the firm’s services. According to the team working at HCR Wealth Advisors, serving the clients and retaining them are two different things. It’s not easy to retain clients seeking investment help without the skills to track the financial market. Monitoring the investments of an individual client is vital in retaining the client.

Every client has certain financial goals and expectations they want to attain. These goals typically guide the decisions makes them do anything positive that would keep their portfolios active. Some investment advisors guide their clients to adjust their portfolios whenever the financial market seems to be sluggish or volatile. Before HCR Wealth Advisors asks its clients to make some investment changes, it evaluates the client’s long- and short-term goals to determine what changes, if any, are necessary and suitable to keep the client on the path towards achieving their goals, whatever they may be.

One of the reasons that you work hard or even commit most of your time to your business is often to ensure the future is financially secure. Before HCR Wealth Advisors comes up with a customized financial solution, it considers several factors. This way, it ensures the clients are confident with what the investment advisory firm offers. This firm doesn’t just believe in serving its clients, but also in making its relationship with them mutually beneficial and strong. Read this post from Blog Web Pedia.

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Many people were hit hard during the financial crisis of 2008. Also referred by many as “The global financial crisis”, economists have described it as the worst financial crisis to have ever hit America and the rest of the world since the great depression of 1930. It said that the major cause of the crisis was the crashing of the housing market, which, in point of fact, was at its peak between 2006 and 2007. And while a majority of people blamed the government and the financial sector for the crash, one man has blamed it on poor decisions made by individuals. His name is Jim Toner.

According to, for over 25 years, Jim has been continually investing in real estate. The self-made millionaire and renowned entrepreneur has survived the worst life had to offer for him to be where he is today. The fact that he was able to rise from poverty and deteriorating health has made him one of the most sought-after counselors by people who wish to change their financial state. And Jim Toner is not shy from sharing his experiences. He believes that for one to change their financial situation, they have to do the following:

  1. Change their attitude

Jim Toner believes that having the right attitude is key if one is to grow their wealth. It is the attitude that will determine how an individual will look at the current state of the economy. Will they see opportunities or just obstacles? Will they be able to identify potential rewards or will they let fear blind them? It is also important for you to change your attitude about how you see and relate to people if you wish to succeed financially. Andrew Carnegie and Henry Ford, both successful entrepreneurs, understood that to go far, they had to walk with others. Therefore, they built themselves a team of experienced individuals to help them make their dreams a reality.

  1. Make yourself an asset

On Facebook, Jim Toner once said that for someone to see a dramatic increase in their income, they had to become more valuable. If you want to make yourself valuable, then you have to work on your mind and body. With the right physical, mental, spiritual and emotional state, you become productive and better suited to handle the challenges that come along with being an entrepreneur. Jim notes that it was quite hard for him to take care of his business when his health was failing him. He also insists that gaining knowledge is of great significance in personal development. He recommends that people read as much as they can.

  1. Do what the rich do

Jim Toner believes that it is important to have the mentality of a rich person if you want to be rich. He recommends to most of those who listen to him to stop acting poor. The best thing to do, according to Jim, is to surround yourself with successful people, read plenty of books and focus on achieving your goal.

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Wes Edens is a man who is known for making investments most notably the Fortress Investment Group. He, alongside Randal Nardone and Rob Kauffman, was responsible for the foundation of the investment giant, Fortress Group. The company was founded back in 1998. Under the leadership of Edens and his co-principals, Fortress Investment Group experienced tremendous growth during its first decade of existence becoming a trendsetter for other companies that are focused on investments. Within the first five years, the company had grown the assets it was managing to an estimated $3.9 billion from the initial $400 million.

A decade after its inception, Fortress Investment Group had over $32 billion worth of assets under its wing. Wes is responsible for the Private Equity Division of Fortress Group. The group’s primary focus of investment is on asset acquisition. The money that the company has put in these investments led up to the IPO of 2007 that saw Fortress Investment Group become a publicly traded company.

The experience that Edens had previously acquired from his experience as a partner and managing director for Blackrock and Lehman Brothers became crucial for the success of Fortress Group. As an alumnus of Oregon State University, Wes Edens has been able to identify investment opportunities and seized them at the right time. An instance of Wes Edens’s ability to make smart investments is the one he and Nassef Sawiris made on the football club Aston Villa. The duo acquired 55% stake of the football club thus gaining the upper hand in the club’s activities. Edens and Sawiris have gone to watch the team play, and the two decided that they were going to keep the team intact with hopes of seeing improvements in the future.

Wes has a passion for sports, a fact that is evident in the investments he has made in the industry over the years. He co-owns the Milwaukee Bucks, an NBA franchise that is based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In addition to that, Wes Edens also owns FlyQuest, a team in the League of Legends.

Such, are the investments that are responsible for the success of Wes Edens. His investments have even put him in the Forbes Billionaires list with an estimated $1.6 billion net worth.

Fagali’i Airport (IATA: FGI) is one of the most important airports on the Samoan island of Upolu. Located just a few miles south of the capital city Apia, FGI has an asphalt runway that measures over 2,000 feet. Usually there are four or five flights per day at FGI, all of which travel to American Samoa’s capital Pago Pago. From Pago Pago International Airport, travelers can easily catch a plane to Honolulu, Hawaii. Know more about Fagali at Lonely Planet.

In addition to FGI, the area of Fagali is well-known for many of its tourist attractions. One of the most famous events to check out is a Fiafia Night celebration. Fiafia loosely translates to “joyous gathering” and features traditional Samoan dancing, singing, and costumes. As guests eat fresh local cuisine, dancers perform some of Samoa’s centuries-old dances. Taking part in a Fiafia Night event is a superb way to experience Samoan culture first-hand.

The most popular things to do while in Fagali’i, however, are snorkeling and scuba diving. The best place to explore near Samoa is the Coral Sea. About 1,000 miles away from Australia’s northeastern coast, the Coral Sea has rich aquatic life thanks to its location within the Great Barrier Reef. For even more fun, tourists can visit islands within the Coral Sea to see some of the most exotic bird species on the planet. Know more about Fagali at Trip Advisor.

Since Fagali’i is so close to Apia, it’s very easy to see all of the Samoan capital’s greatest sites while on a vacation. The most famous things to see in Apia are the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum and Robert Louis Stevenson’s grave.

The Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson (1850 – 1894), who is most famous for the Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, suffered from serious coughing fits throughout his life. Later in his career, Stevenson decided to move to Samoa in the hopes of improving his health. Sadly, he passed away in Apia at the age of 44. The Samoan people loved Stevenson so much that they gave him a ceremonial burial on the island and preserved his former residence (which is now the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum).


Jacob Gottlieb has proved himself as a talented financial figure, despite starting out in the field of medicine at the beginning of his career. Today, Jacob Gottlieb has started up several successful companies, including Visium Asset Management, a healthcare based hedge fund that has worked with hundreds of clients over the years. Jacob Gottlieb has a good mind when it comes to finances, which is how he was able to switch into the financial industry without too much trouble and create a highly successful investment company with no fear of failure. Today, Jacob Gottlieb is taking the time to work on new business related ventures as well.

Jacob Gottlieb worked as the CIO for Visium Asset Management for many years and was able to help the company flourish as a result. Moving on to Altium Capital as CEO, Jacob Gottlieb will be put to the test handling the various new responsibilities that come with the highest level position at a company. With the changing of the economy and Visium, Jacob is happy to make the move to a new company and experience a new setting, not to mention add to his financial experience and portfolio. Jacob Gottlieb has been spending his time improving on Altium’s business structure to focus on bringing in more revenue at the company, which he spent a great deal of time doing at Visium Asset.

Although Jacob is taking on the role of CEO, which does have more responsibilities than his previous position, Jacob is more than capable of doing the job. The experience he acquired working at Visium and all the improvements he made to the company will allow him to transition easily over to Altium Capital. Most people are surprised to learn that Jacob Gottlieb went to school in order to study medicine, considering how successful he has become in business, it is not two career’s that usually mix.

Jacob Gottlieb went to school to earn a degree in economics by studying at Brown University. Jacob didn’t end his education there though, as he went to the Medical School of New York in order to specialize in hedge funds pertaining to healthcare. Jacob Gottlieb works as CIO at Visium for more than a decade. Starting fresh at a new company that just started up this year will provide him with a somewhat new business experience and give him a lot of tasks to work on to make the company a leader in the market just like his previous hedge fund company.

Jacob Gottlieb and Stuart Weisbrod are two New York City entrepreneurs in the financial industry. They used to work together 20 years ago at an investment company co-founded by Stuart Weisbrod called Merlin BioMed Group. They are teaming up once again at a new investment company, Altium Capital. The focus of this company, like their past ones, will be on companies in the healthcare industry such as pharmaceutical companies, biotech firms, and medical device manufacturers.

Merlin BioMed Group was a very successful company. It was founded in 1998 and in the next two years it achieved returns over 100 percent. Jacob Gottlieb and the other portfolio managers at this company were able to bring in investors such as major pension funds, endowments, and very high net worth individuals. Unfortunately, this company had to shut down in 2007.

After Merline BioMed Group shut down both Jacob Gottlieb and Stuart Weisbrod went their separate ways, although both continued to invest in healthcare firms. Stuart Weisbrod started another investment firm, Iguana Healthcare Partners. Meanwhile, Jacob Gottlieb established his own company, Visium Asset Management. He started this company with an initial capital amount of $300 million in 2007. By 2016 he was managing an $8 billion hedge fund and had offices in New York City, San Francisco, and overseas in London.

It was in 2016 that Visium Asset Management blew up. Three senior executives had been investigated by the FBI and the SEC which resulted in their being charged with insider trading and mismarking. A little bit later a fourth executive was charged as well. As the chief executive officer of this company, Jacob Gottlieb was also investigated but he was cleared of any wrongdoing. The consequence of this, though, was that he had to shut this firm down and return money to investors.

At Altium Capital, Jacob Gottlieb’s first move was to invest in Oramed Pharmaceuticals, Inc. He purchased a 5.61 percent stake in this firm which has as its flagship product an oral insulin capsule for diabetics. This replaces the need for them to inject insulin. It has been approved for use in China and they are seeking the approval of the US’s FDA.

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