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Have you ever wanted to take your database to the next level? With the technology industries booming and the on-demand requirements from growing business NuoDB is definitely your go to for a smart database. With NuoDB you will get to reduce the time to market, increase agility, lower total cost of ownership, and guaranteed customer satisfaction.
NuODB has many business benefits with SQL cloud technology that includes memory-centric, an automated failover, and disaster recovery. NuoDB is a database that can anticipate tomorrow’s needs today. With NuoDB the cost will be low so there is no need for complex, expensive architecture and additional components. The great part of NuoDB is that you can test drive the database. It has a guided technical demo that uses docker containers to give you hands on experience with on the website. NuoDB is indeed transformative and is supported for elastic scalability and continuous availability in cloud and containerized environments. NuoDB enables you to easily and quickly move capacity on demand without disruption or provisioning while still maintaining street ACID semantics. If your looking for a start-up and developing a new app NuoDB is the database that can grow with you. NuoDB is the best database to educate yourself.
NuoDB will prepare you for the future, satisfy the present, and definitely support the past.

Jason Hope has been an innovator in technology for many years. He is based in Arizona and has dedicated himself to helping other young entrepreneurs realize the dreams that they have set for themselves. Jason understands that great ideas come from all sorts of areas. It is important to provide a platform for talented individuals who are looking to make an impact in a very important industry.

Technology has been an important part of society since the beginning of time. New advancements are introduced on a regular basis. These concepts affect the way people live their daily lives and conduct important business. Jason Hope has remained at the forefront of this industry and is looking to provide the next great innovation.

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The Internet of Things is the concept of all human operating equipment working together in some capacity. Computer software has made this very common. Smart technology is prevalent in cell phones, televisions, laptops and pads. Consumers have become used to accessing their favorite programs and gaming software on all of there favorite devices. The Internet of Things is pioneering the notion that this operating procedure will eventually affect other common equipment such as automobiles and household appliances.

Jason Hope used his creative mind to influence other areas of society. His technical experience has helped him contribute to the Health Care industry. He has committed a great deal of time and effort to assist scientists and foundations in discovering new ways to combat critical diseases. The idea is to prolong human life and increase wellness.

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Paradise Air and Las Vegas Air officially joined Goettl Air Conditioning early this year. Goettl has increased more than 20 new representatives and getting a stronger ground on air conditioning residential market. Rather than the two organizations, Goettl had possessed various other firms within the Las Vegas region. Goettl has the plan on proceeding to grow in the Southwest of Nevada with this extension. It will take over Paradise Air rental homes including residential customers from Las Vegas Air.

The workers at Las Vegas Air were much eager to converge with Goettl getting in mind, Stephen Gamst had engaged with Ken Goodrich for quite some time and he had trust with the organization. Garnst trusts that the merger will do extraordinary things for his workers in addition to the local market.

The merger will likewise permit these organizations to broaden their services and skills. The Las Vegas Air & Paradise Air were just offering HVAC administrations before the merger. These two organizations will be providing plumbing aptitudes among their arsenal while Goettl will benefit by commencing its services in the commercial sector. Strip malls, multi-family properties among others will also be offered service by Goettl. The company had additionally made last acquisitions of the Desert Valley and The Sunny Plumber.

The organization was launched in 1939 by Goettl brothers who have had wide experience tackling the tough weather circumstances within the Southwestern United States. Goettl has been furnishing its clients with air conditioning services for at least 70 years. The company was commenced in Phoenix before later shifting its operations to Las Vegas.

Kenneth Goodrich has enabled to spearhead his company and helping numerous people in need of the services within his community. He has also not been left in philanthropic activities. For instance, he has been helping learners and veterans through scholarships.

The organization additionally provided free air conditioners to institutions that were robbed or vandalized. Goettl additionally stood out on news for giving a donation to Southern Nevada Collage worthy $100 million.


The odds are that you have probably never heard of Desiree Perez, who currently serves as an executive at Shawn “Jay Z” Carter’s streaming music platform Tidal. According to music publication HITS Daily Double Desiree Perez has known Jay Z for years. While she is reportedly part of the rapper’s inner circle she has also played a very important role in helping him to erect the large and very successful businesses that have marked his transition from being a highly sought after musician to being a C-Suite executive who signs musical talent and helps some of the sports world’s most high profile athletes broker and negotiate their deals. There is a possibility that Jay Z’s business ventures might look very different without the capable leadership that Desiree Perez has provided to companies like Tidal and Roc Nation Sports.  More of Perez’s updates on

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She has been spoken about warmly by football player and Roc Nation Sports signee Geno Smith who said that Desiree and her husband who also works with Jay Z were good at creating the kind of atmosphere he appreciated at Roc Nation Sports. She has worked behind the scenes as part of a team that includes Jay Z associates like TyTy Smith and Jana Fleischman to help make Jay Z’s entire business empire the success that it is.  Read more on

While the general public might not yet know Desiree Perez’s name there is a high likelihood that they have consumed, listened to or attended a high profile event that she had a hand in. Any of the scores of Tidal users that downloaded or listened to Rihanna’s latest album ANTI on the streaming music service were able to do so because of Desiree Perez’s skillful business acumen. The same goes for Yeezy fans who were able to get the first taste of his highly anticipated album The Life of Pablo on Tidal. After all,  according to,  it was Desiree Perez who had a hand in these exclusive releases on Tidal.

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Recently, businessman and entrepreneur Josh Verne offered some helpful tips for professionals in his podcast about professional leadership. Verne has been in the business for a number of years, and knows how to inspire others to achieve their best. One of the main points of the podcasts was that business deals should be beneficial for everyone involved. Professionals should strive to achieve a win-win situation for everyone involved.


Josh Verne shares that businesspeople should have balance in their lives in order to be successful. While it’s great to achieve professional goals, Verne advises leaders in business to have their personal and social lives intact as well, since this contributes to overall health, happiness and mental clarity.


Verne states that it’s so important to figure out your passion in life. He shares that you have to find the thing that motivates you to get up in the mornings and use this to build a livelihood. Passion is what makes people forego certain temporary pleasures and focus on the big picture personally and professionally.


Josh Verne is well known for being the former co-president of Home Line Furniture. He also founded in 2012 with his best friend from childhood, Jon Dorfman. In 2016, Josh Verne founded, a Pennsylvania-based company for college students.


The most impressive thing about Securus Technologies latest software innovation is how much manpower it saves. After all, law enforcement officers are public employees. They are paid with the general public’s tax money. Any way to save through law enforcement efficiency can save the public a lot of money.


The most recent software innovation discovered by Securus Technologies allows police officers to search a mind-bogglingly huge database of recorded telephone calls. You see, Securus Technologies is a telecommunications company that provides telephone services to jails. Any telephone call going into or out of that jail is recorded by the telecommunications company. All of that digital information would go to waste if it were not for this most recent technological innovation.


The software analyzes a particular person’s voice. Once it gets a vocal fingerprint, it then turns to this massive database for an exhaustive search. The software is capable of presenting every single phone call that particular voice was a part of. Obviously, this leads to a lot of actionable information for police officers.


These recorded telephone calls have led to useful search warrants, arrests and convictions. And the software is incredibly easy to use which saves police officers manpower. Instead of driving around the city looking for physical evidence, police officers can use a criminal’s own words against him with the touch of a button.


This kind of technological innovation really frees up the time of your average police officer. Police are then free to pursue more meaningful tasks. This leads to an increase police force presence on the streets which leads to lower crimes. It is yet another way that Securus Technologies is making the world a safer place. But what’s most impressive is that this telecommunications company is capable of such a positive influence by providing telephone calls.


A recent piece on discusses the perils of engaging in the proliferation of fake news when it comes to your online reputation. Lida Citroen argues that it boils down to a fundamental question of credibility. There is no question that managing your reputation online has become essential, and it would be foolish not to expend energy in getting potential customers or employers to see you in a positive light.

However, Citroen argues that managing your reputation is not about being deceitful, but rather about being careful. It’s about expressing yourself in a way that leaves a positive impression on people. This is why being truthful is a must, because fake news makes it impossible to build a sustainable connection with the people you are trying to reach.

Citroen mentions a oft-repeated fact that too many people have learned the hard way. What you post on the Internet today is here to stay, and its effects will linger for a very long time, reveals Practicing reputation management means, in part, being purposeful about the messages that you choose to put out, and publishing false news is one strategy that is sure to come back to haunt you.

You might wonder why anyone would engage in this behavior. The short answer to this question is that people are not fully aware of what they are doing. As Citroen points out, there is an echo chamber effect at play in the Internet, and like-minded people tend to congregate together and feed off of each other. Unverified information can quickly go viral and participating in this process may not be in your best interests in the long run.

The solution is to reflect careful before publishing information or re-posting something that could be damaging to another person’s or brand’s reputation. Ask yourself how reliable the information is and what you stand to gain from posting it. At the end of the day, benefits and risks are what strategic thinking are all about, and reputation management is a strategic discipline.

The fashion and tech industry have witnessed numerous changes through the years. The only constant factor is that both trades grow together. Over time, they grew to complement one another. The growth journey has been fascinating, with a glimpse of the past casting a bright light on the promising future of fashion and technology.


Currently, the fusion of fashion and technology has already taken place. Fashion designers create possibilities with technology on what sells, bringing a higher standard in functionality and innovation. Dutch fashion designer Anouk Wipprecht merges technology with fashion statements. She is famous for her experimental designs. She created a drink-making dress, the DareDroid and the self-painting dress, the Pseudomorphs.


The Future


Other technological fashion advances were designed to protect us. Anna Haupt and counterpart, Terese Alstin, created airbags for cyclists that pop up out to protect one’s head from injuries. Firefighters find great protection by wearing frontline gloves, designed by Ashwin Rajan and Kevin Cannon. The tech gloves allow firefighters to alert each other using hand gestures.


Designers have also taken to the use of recycled materials to create fabulous fashions. SegraSegra recycled bicycle inner tubes to design cool jackets and t-shirts. Emma Whiteside used a recycled copper radiator to create a long gown. Fashion and technology when fused, create energy as seen with Soledad Martin’s shoe prototype that charges a cell phone while on the move.


The once dull black framed Google Glasses received a boost from designer Diane Von Furstenberg who included them in one of her shows making them an instant hit afterward. As we can see, technology and fashion can help one another grow. Technology contributes to creating beautiful, functional trends.


About Chris Burch


Chris Burch is a serial entrepreneur with diversified business interests including technology, real estate, and fashion. Burch started his career at Ithaca College in 1976, where he launched a business, Eagles Eye, with his brother and partner, Bob. The startup grew to accrue over $160 million before the partners sold it.


Chris runs his company called Burch Creative Capital. He has contributed to the success of technology and extravagant brands including + Universe Faena Hotel, Poppin, Jawbone, and Voss Water. He was on the boards of The Continuum Group, Guggenheim Capital, and the Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation. He has donated funds to various research foundations and philanthropic courses at Mt. Sinai Hospital, The Sumba Foundation as well as NYU Langone.


Being a lobbyist in the United States is a coveted position that most influential people want, but have a hard time earning. Austin native, Andrea Williams has quietly and quickly risen up political ranks and positions through hard and steady work. What made a huge difference in Andrea’s career is her work locally, building on each role, career position, and philanthropy. This unique woman has built a career on representing the needs and priorities of men, women, and corporations around the country in order to bring change where it is most needed.

The lobbying firm that Williams is a co-founder of is bi-partisan, which makes it extremely unique among most lobbying firms in the country. By providing representation on both sides of the political spectrum, the firm is able to best represent its clients to lawmakers. The firm is involved in all levels of governance and areas of industry, particularly issues that are unique to Texas.

Some of the important issues that Williams has been involved in include clean energy, a Texas industry that is a hard fight in politics. Cancer research and legislation for change is another area where she has lobbied long and hard in order to create the change that was needed to help hundreds of individuals.

Her lobbying work has paved the way for philanthropy work that is important to Williams. Active in both local and national organizations, Williams has been recognized by several committees and charities in her community. As of now, Andrea shows no signs of slowing down or removing herself from the roles she has taken on.


Eric Lefkofsky is a businessman and philanthropist from Detroit, Michigan. His alma matter is the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. He completed both his undergraduate pre-law degree there as well as his juris doctor degree. Despite having a law degree and having studied law at the University of Michigan, Eric Lefkofsky choose to pursue a career in business and technology.


One of Eric Lefkofsky‘s earliest ventures is a famous online marketing company called Groupon. The company combines the concept of bulk discounts with online coupons. It works by offering a win-win combination to both companies or business people and their clients or customers. If enough people show interest in a product or service, Groupon will offer them a major discount. Despite having to offer a significant discount, the business still benefits because it obtains a large amount of clients at a single time through Groupon’s promotions. Mr. Lefkofsky was one one of the co-founders of Groupon’s and even served as its CEO for a time.


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Another company started by Eric Lefkofsky is called Tempus. The company uses machine learning and interactive analytics to create a more customized healthcare treatment for cancer. Computers at the company analyze the genomic sequence, molecular information and past therapy to help physicians come up with a better treatment that is custom tailored to their unique situation. Machine learning and analytics at Tempus also help physicians build upon other physician experiences to determine what works and what does not.  Click on for more info.


A third company founded by Eric Lefkofsky is called Echo Global Logistics. It is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois and provides logistical services and solutions to delivery drivers and companies who need deliveries in the United States. Echo Global Logistics uses propriety online technology and analytics to come up with state of the art logistical and transportation solutions for both delivery drivers and companies expecting or needing deliveries to their sites.


Eric Lefkofsky donates a considerable amount of money to charities through his Eric and Liz Lefkofsky Foundation. It provides significant amounts of donations to groups in the healthcare, education, culture and arts. Recipients include colleges, museums, hospitals and non-profits.

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