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Tasers Cause Short Term Damage To The Brain

  Tasers are weapons that deliver electric shocks via a gun-like device. However, they cause far more damage than the public has been led to believe. Although Tasers are capable of putting out 50,000 volts, just to start up and make contact with the body, what hits the victim is supposedly only about 1200 volts. When a Taser finds a target, there is cognitive impairment and decline in brain function. The implications call.. Read More

Yeonmi Park Wrote A True Story Not A Fictitious Work

Yeonmi Park’s story has touched the hearts of people around the world. In her book, In Order to Live: A North Korean’s Girl Journey to Freedom, Park writes about her escape from North Korea with her mother. Her journey to freedom took years, and the torture she endured on the trip turned a young girl into an amazing survivor. When she escaped from North Korea, she was thirteen. The year was 2007, and.. Read More

About George Soros Opinion On Donald Trump’s Candidacy And Ideologies

According to Forbes billionaire George Soros, Donald Trump is doing the work of ISIS. George does not fear to give his opinions and especially on matters political and financial. He is the world’s richest hedge-fund millionaire and is never in shortage of opinions in the current trends. Many who follow the financial arena’s news know him because of breaking the Bank of England back in 1992. Although he isin semi-retirement, his financial opinions.. Read More

The Best Customer Services From White Shark Media.

Good customer service is the basis of any successful organization.Through the establishment of good communication between clients and the business, the business is able to learn what customer wants and also where it has gone wrong. This way it can work towards better satisfaction of the customer and, on the other hand, rectify on the areas it went wrong. This way, it will make the customer happy and completely satisfied with the services.. Read More

Magic Mike XXL and Crystal Hunt

Magic Mike XXL begins in a Florida setting featuring actor Channing Tatum playing as Mike Lane. Mike Lane owns and operates a furniture business during his three year retirement from dancing in the male entertainment industry. Mike soon realizes he misses the excitement and fun the stripping industry offers though and decides to meet up with old friends Richie, Ken, Tito, and others. He then sets out on a trip with the Kings.. Read More

The Flavorful and Profitable Explosion of Premium Pet Foods

When you think pet food, chances are you picture small, dry round pieces lacking any real flavor. It would probably surprise you to learn that many start up dog food companies are focusing on the “eat like your owner” strategy. Companies like Freshpet Inc., Blue Buffalo Co., and Mars’ Cesar Home Delights are changing the way pet owners think about what they feed their pets. With products that ever increasingly resemble the food.. Read More

“Stock Investment Is A Long Term Game” Says Igor Cornelsen

When it comes to portfolio management, what better way to do it than following Igor Cornelsen’s methods? Investing is a long-term project. For anyone looking to play the markets but is not willing to commit to long-term investment strategies, they will never find success. Most investments are not designed to pay off in that manner. The notion that stocks can be compared to playing the lottery is ridiculous, and any investors with this.. Read More

Jon Urbana, A Man Of Diversified Taste In Today’s World

Born and raised in the great state of Colorado, Jon Urbana is a man who is very active socially as well as economically. He is a pilot who won FAA awards, a photographer, plays sports, and is a business professional in the medical device market. Urbana is also a philanthropist and assists in helping with local organizations, in the Denver area, to raise money for their causes. Urbana played Lacrosse when he was younger.. Read More

Home Cleaning Services For Incredibly Busy People

I have never been a fan cleaning my own phone. Even when I had the time to clean I was never really interested in cleaning my home. I am, however, a big fan of Handy Cleaning Services. This is the best company for anyone who does not have the time or the desire to clean on their own. I found this company after doing a search online for companies that were in my.. Read More

Why Go Anywhere Else but US Money Reserve

  The New Many of you are wondering why TV ads are all over the place trying to sell you coins?Well the answer is more simple then you think my friends and here is why.Over the years the value of the dollar has lost much of its ground within the world of economics.So to cover this ground with fresh blood the federal government is selling their reserve of coin to the public at.. Read More