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Nicki Minaj Has Many Lyrical Sons

In rap music there are many different terms to learn if you’re going to understand the music that you’re hearing. Nicki Article. Nicki Minaj is no stranger to slang, and she tends to use it a lot in her music. After analyzing many of her songs, it seems as if Nicki has many different “sons,” figuratively speaking. If you go through many of her songs over the years, she has mentioned someone being.. Read More

Kanye West: 808s & Heartbreak

The auto-Tune-heavy and emotionally uncovered fourth album by the rap-mogul Kanye West was released after West had a cruel year in which he lost his mother and subsequently broke up his engagement. However, the cavernous sound of the album and exposed-soul lyrics created confusion even to those who were well aware of the recent trials that West had encountered. Its main aesthetic could not be compared to anything used or known in hip-hop. It had.. Read More


Dr. Dre’s newest album has changed everything that many people thought or knew about hip-hop in a flicker. This is all due to the amazing work of the former electro producer from West Coast. The Chronic rediscovered the sound from the West Coast made by the Beach Boys of Baby Boomers who turned Death Row convicts in one night. The studio-recorded instruments and the lush of Dr. Dre seemed so massive in contrast.. Read More

Charli XCX Interview

Charli XCX is a singer that recently did a “Live From MTV” performance, and many things were learned on that night about the artist. Charli decided to disclose some things about herself, and some of them will make you laugh, and some of them might even be a bit gross. Charli XCX Interview. Charli states that Azalea Banks had given her dildo as a gift, and that fans in the crowd suggested that she.. Read More

Kim Kardashian Being Chastized For Cropping Out Her Daughter

Sometimes it’s just better not to be famous. It seems like no matter what Kim Kardashian does, she is scrutinized for it. Kim K. Cropped Picture. Recently, Kim put out an Instagram photo of herself, but obviously you could see that she was holding her daughter as well, but she was cropped out of the photo. There was a big, blank, black wall on the right of her, but you could see only.. Read More

Rae Sremmurd Reacts To “No Type” Rap By Pat Sajak

Rae Sremmurd has been doing a lot lately, and if you don’t know who the duo is, you soon will. The duo is from Mississippi, and they do rap music. Rae Sremmurd. They recently were featured on a song with Nicki Minaj, which was released last week. Nicki Minaj not only performed a song them, she also stated her love for the duo, and that they were very talented. If any rapper is.. Read More

Best of R&B in 2014

Rolling Stone has managed to create several lists that have been buzzing. They talked about the top singles and the top albums, but now the staff has another list. This list contains the best R&B albums in 2014. The funny thing about the list from Rolling Stone is that it often presents albums that the general public has never even heard of. “Praise Break” by Daniel Caesar is one such album. This artist has been.. Read More

The Unstoppable Reign of Drizzy Drake

It is a nickname that he rarely uses anymore, but Drizzy was Drake’s nickname during his early rap days. At that time Drake called himself Drizzy on the plethora of mix tapes that he released. He seemed to be an artist that was hungry for fame and eager to get to the top. He showed a strong work ethic by releasing hits without an album. Drake was back to his old mix tape.. Read More

How Drake Stole 2014

According to Brian Torchin and, there are some artists that were expected to shine in 2014. People were waiting patiently on a Taylor Swift album so her reign was not that unexpected. Beyonce released her album – secretly – at the very end of 2013 so it was only natural for people to expect big things from her. No one in their right mind would have expected Drake – who had a.. Read More

Nicki Finally Drops “Only” Video

Nicki is giving the fans another treat now that the “PinkPrint” album is so close to being released. The new official “Only” video has dropped, and fans are excited. In this video Nicki puts her torturing skills to work. The video is not going to be on the same level of controversy that was caused by the Nazi imagery of the “Only” lyric video. It will get some buzz, but it will be different so.. Read More