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The Educational world is full of increasing opportunities for the young entrepreneur to create a product or service for teachers, parents, and students to connect in a real way. Educational Technology is on the move creating communication platforms that are all about empowerment. Educational Technology startups present great investment opportunities for investors too. In fact, the previous year was a great year for investing in forward looking Educational Technology programs like ClassDojo. What do platforms like ClassDojo have in common with other successful Educational Technology programs? It’s simple, they’ve learned to listen to educators, parents, teachers, and students. This is the only way to provide them with programs they truly desire.

ClassDojo Listens

ClassDojo really listens to parents to educators. The co-founder of ClassDojo is Sam Chadhary. The fact is that ClassDojo solves a real problem that is experienced by thousands of teachers, students, and parents. It is the lack of communication between the groups outside of the parent teacher conference. This is the type of communication problem that is ready for ground up changes. The fact is that you would have to be connected with the educational environment to realize that a strong communication platform is required to create a community that helps to further create a positive culture in the classroom. Today, the ClassDojo communication platform is overwhelmingly used in the majority of schools in the United States at the K-8 level.

About ClassDojo

ClassDojo is an amazing communication platform that is designed to build a community and relationships between teachers, students, and parents. They’ve built a piece of Technology that helps parents, students, and teachers share information about a student’s activities at their school. This is rapid fire and frequent communication that is light years beyond the traditional teacher conference meeting that is designed to keep parents up to date on a student’s activities. The platform is all about building a community and supporting learning in the schools. Class Dojo has been around since 2011 helping to establish school communities and bringing them together through their platform.

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Despite studies showing that businesses who have a gender and ethnically diverse makeup of employees and executives doing better than those that don’t, women still have an extremely hard time reaching the top executive level positions at companies. The S&P 500, for example, has a very small percentage of women at the top of the hierarchy.

Susan McGalla is a businesswoman who has beaten these odds. Because she grew up in a household where being a girl didn’t result in any special treatment she says she learned early that if you want something you have to work for it. She took this attitude into her career which started at American Eagle Outfitters. When she first joined this company every executive in the business was a man. Through hard work and skill at marketing, she was able to rise in the ranks, eventually being named as president of the firm.

After leaving this company she started her own consulting business, P3 Executive Consulting. She is now a vice president for the Pittsburg Steelers where she has the responsibilities of managing their marketing efforts and crafting the company’s strategy. One of her big successes was being on the team that created the “Wear what we wear” marketing campaign. This led to a big increase in the purchase of Steeler’s gear.

Susan McGalla says that for many years women leadership initiatives have been created so that women find more success in the world of business. She says that the results show this approach doesn’t work given they’ve been tried for decades with little effect. She thinks a better approach is to have promising women provided with mentors who can help guide their careers. Someone high up in a company helping to develop a female business leader is the answer she thinks for tackling this tough problem.

Michel Terpins had long dreamed of becoming a top rally driver in Brazil. His dreams became reality when following his adoption of the T-Rex prototype car, optimized with a powerful V8 engine, which he has used for a few years now. His talents and accomplishments have influenced and inspired a grand amount of potential rally drivers in the recent years and his will to stay at the top has not faded in the least.

Michel Terpins initially joined rally racing in 2002 in the motorcycle category and joined the car category with his brother two years later in 2004. Following this change, Terpins made it his goal to reach international recognition in the sport and stand out as one of the best in the world. Despite this goal being a long shot, he stuck to it and persevered all the way to the end where he now finds himself living comfortably with a significant amount of fame and merits by which to attribute to himself and his immense determination in the sport.

Not only has he made a name for himself in the world of rally racing, but his ideas and leadership has brought him to create the successful Bull Sertoes Rally team. Then he went on the create the Sertoes Rally competition, which is hosted by his corresponding team and attracts numerous rally racers from all corners of Earth on a yearly basis.

Michel Terpins is a shining example of the importance of following your pre-established dreams and pushing your way to the very top of whatever craft it is you take part in. For Terpins, this craft was, and always will be,rally racing in his home country of Brazil where the sport has seen itself flourish to unimaginable levels at the cause of his success. Thanks to Michel Terpins, as well as many other pioneers, Brazil has become renowned for its position in rally racing in the world and stands out as an international center for the sport to take place.

Ian King is a financial writer and analyst who currently is a contributor to Banny Hill Publishing. He began his work in the financial world as a desk clerk for Solomon Brothers. Ian King then went onto work for Cititgroup and Peahi Capital. Ian King then became a financial writer with him focusing on the crytocurrency market. This is a new field with few established analysts fully understanding it. Ian King has come to prominence by using his knowledge of cryptocurrency to educate both professional investors and the larger public.

Ian King recently published his opinion of the massive gains in the bitcoin market. Over 2017, bitcoin increased in value fifteen times over. This is an unhealthy level of growth that has resulted in bitcoin having a market cap of six hundred billion dollars. The level of growth has led to speculation that the market will crash with recent volatility pointing to instability in the bitcoin market.

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Ian King argues that the instability of bitcoin is a sign that it is stabilizing to a real product that is just designed for speculators, those who don’t trust traditional investments, and people who want to buy products anonymously. One major change that more people are purchasing bitcoin. This number is small but the increasing number of people means that more businesses will accept bitcoin. Bitcoin is also much easier to trade than in the past. According to Bitcoin transactions used to take a long time with it being traded through exchanges that were prone to hacks and fraud. Bitcoin is moving to having reputable clearing houses that will increase consumer confidence in bitcoin. Better computing is causing the amount of time it takes to process a transaction to shorten. This makes a consumer more inclined to use bitcoin to purchase an item that they might otherwise purchase with a debit card.

Ian King also recognizes that bitcoin’s reputation has changed from a black market item to a real investment on This is a major change that will cause traditional financial institutions to include it in their trading portfolio. He believes that these factors will cause bitcoin to reduce in value as the result of the rampant speculation. However, he believes that bitcoin will increasingly become a stable investment product. Ian King encourages investors to not invest too much money in bitcoin while recognizing that it will likely outperform Wall Street.

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Ronald Fowlkes works at Eagle Industries Unlimited with the designation of Business Development Manager. He is a specialist in Law Enforcement and weaponry products. He is responsible for interacting with customers, teaching about the various products to over 150 personnel, and selecting the products that will go into development. Fowlkes experience in tactical training comes from having served in the Navy-Marine Corps. He has also worked as a contractor for the Department of Defense and has 13 years of experience in law enforcement agencies.


While working for the Department of Defense as a contractor in Iraq, he handled the duties of mounting and dismounting the infantry operations in combat zones. He was also responsible for instructing U.S. Military personnel in the post-blast analysis, hostage rescue situations, the collection of evidence, interrogation of captives and tactical operations. In the 13 years spent in law enforcement, he worked for both the St. Louis County Police Department and the city’s police department. In the last seven years, he worked for St. Louis Metropolitan HRT Team where he was promoted to Team Leader in 2003. Fowlkes also became a certified instructor in defensive tactics, SWAT/URBAN warfare tactics, tactical rifle, and shoot-outs. His unit was involved in over 250 High-Risk Entries, hostage incidents, and barricaded suspects. When his team was not deployed tactically, they were supposed to investigate illegal gun possessions, gang activities and trafficking of narcotics in the most aggressive neighborhoods of the city. The unit also worked as a WMD Response Team and Civil Disobedience Team.


Fowlkes served in the Marine Corps from 1989 to 1993. He got promoted twice on the basis of merit and saw action in the First Gulf War. He received Marine Combat training and completed a Basic Engineer Course in the Marine Corps School of Infantry. He also finished Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company (ANGLICO) basic course. He went to U.S. Army Parachute School and excelled at the course there as well. While he was working with 1st ANGLICO, he completed parachute operations which included reconnaissance and naval gunfire missions while using the diverse type of radios containing both encrypted and non-encrypted signals. In his missions he also learned to use laser designators.


The rigorous training Fowlkes received in law enforcement, Navy, and army makes him an invaluable asset in the areas of weaponry and defense. His first-hand experiences in Iraq and the years spent as a hardened cop, provide him with a unique insight into tactical fighting and judicious use of weapons. Fowlkes has worked in almost all the fields of national security and now holds a position at Eagle Industries Limited which provides him an opportunity to use the skills and talents that he has painstakingly acquired throughout the years.


Green Structure Homes (GSH) of Huntsville, Alabama is a manufacturer of modular wood and steel-framed housing that are built with the environment in mind. The dream was founded by Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Barbara Stokes, who wants to provide a reliable home to all. Visit her Linkedin profile to know more. The homes that GHS builds are fully customizable on the inside and out, energy efficient, and environmentally friendly. Barbara’s vision for GHS is to affect change to those who need permanent or temporary housing, teaming with FEMA to provide modular housing for those affected by natural disasters, such as hurricanes and tornadoes. Barbara’s goal is to provide housing for everyone, when they need it and where they need it. Each home built by GHS is built to precise safety and environmental standards, through state-of-the-art engineering and manufacturing. Visit to know more about Barbara Stokes.

Barbara has been the CEO of GHS since 2011, leading numerous construction projects around Alabama and the United States. Barbara is a leading expert in Disaster Relief Construction, with GHS being an approved FEMA contractor for the past seven years. Barbara graduated in 200 from Mercer University with a Bachelor’s in Biomedical/Medical Engineering. Through her leadership, GHS has provided thousands of jobs over eight different states and recently secured a $28.5 million contract with FEMA. Along with her husband, Scott, and other senior managers at GHS, they provide over 30 years of experience in disaster relief. The motto for GHS is “Homes Delivered”, and Barbara Stokes has proven that promise is upheld through her commitment to her community.


White Shark Media is an online marketing company. They help small to medium sized businesses reach customers through advertising on the internet. These sizes of companies usually don’t have adequate resources or the savvy to create effective online advertising campaigns so they turn to companies like White Shark Media to get them results. The team at White Shark Media can create a complete advertising solution that helps to complete the business’ goals and objectives for their ad campaigns.

There are many online testimonials and reviews about the services that White Shark Media has provided to other business owners. For example, a jewelry store located in New Jersey became a client of White Shark Media. The owner of the business stated that the company was very up to date on how to create an effective online marketing campaign. A printing company in Washington state said that sales at her company had dramatically increased. She thanked the person at White Shark Media who handled her account, Cindy Marin and said her knowledge about their promotions was key. She also said that she felt that her account received a lot of attention by Cindy.

Sean G. owns a car service & limousine company in Connecticut. He said that he found the people he worked with at White Shark Media to be both friendly and professional in their communications with him. He particularly called at Alejandra as someone that was available to work with him on a flexible basis. He said that his website had seen major improvements in numbers since he had her work on his marketing. Meanwhile, the owner of an alarm company in Missouri said that she and her team were totally unfamiliar with Google AdWords and how it could help them. She was satisfied that in addition to managing her marketing the representative also took the time to educate her about Google AdWords.

When we talk about cancer, the death of millions of people is related to the topic. A lot of people in the world have limited information about cancer. This means that they do not have the knowledge of prevention diagnosis and treatment of cancer. This is where the journal, Oncotarget, comes in. It can be described as a peer-reviewed journal that has a world-class quality. As a major key concern, the journal deals with Oncology (the scientific study of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer) Oncotarget fills in the gap of inefficient information about cancer. It is an open journal that every single person in the world has access to. The journal has over the years been a vital part in the fight to eliminate cancer in the world because the provision of the correct information to the less informed is the first step to preventing and managing cancer. Andrei V. Gudkov and Mikhail Blagosklonny are the editors of this journal. Download output styles at

The popularity that Oncotarget has gained over the years can be attributed to the fact that it emphasizes on covering all the important aspects concerning cancer. This ranges from detailed information to overall summarized information. Some important aspects covered by this journal include the likely targets of therapy, the protocols of treatment that improve the patients’ management and the curative grounds of cancer. As if this is not enough, the journal digs deep and makes efforts to involve the management programs and protocols on the patients’ view such as quality of life, adherence, and satisfaction not forgetting the impact of new therapeutic agents

Oncotarget maintains its key goal of providing efficient and quality information to the public. Due to this goal, the Journal has chosen to work with the highest ranked scientific indexes and archives. The weekly publications of this Journal have recently been increased to two issues every week. Learn more about Oncotarget at Research Gate.

Consequently, this has also accelerated the indexing processes speed. Indexes and page numbers show on PubMed permanently after assignment. To actively contribute to the research world in general, Oncotarget includes other scientific areas that that are not necessarily about oncology. Such areas of interest include Microbiology, Chromosomes, Immunology, Autophathy, Pathology just to mention but a few.


David L Giertz has a vast experience of more than 30 years in the financial sector. He is ranked among the best financial advisors in the USA due to his productive advice that he offers clients.

As a planner, he has led several companies to success and is involved in community projects making him approachable and likable to all people seeking help in financial preparation and investment. He is qualified and really fit to advice retirees.

There are a lot of things to consider when one wants to retire well. People need to be prepared so that when the time sets in, they will live comfortably. Planning is the key factor that needs experts to offer advice. Without proper and detailed planning, life will become miserable to the retirees after a short period of retirement.

In the perspective of the best financial advisor, David Giertz, financial stability is paramount. Saving enough money, will make your retirement endeavors easy to achieve as long as one will have good financial advisors. It is wise to save a large part of our income so that spending won’t be a problem when we retire. To make your income enough for saving at the same time sustaining, people will need to look for other sources of income including doing more than one job.

On top of saving, one can choose to invest too. It will add more profits on the savings as well as prepare one to be busy and thoughtful after retiring. The tricky part is to know how to invest and make money from the savings.

David Giertz’s view on smart investment is, getting to save enough money that will be used in case of an early retirement although there are some penalties that will come with early retirement. The money saved will have to cater for the needs of retirement knowing that spending will be more than the saving. By the age of 60, one will need to have ten times their annual income in the bank so as to be safe financially.

According to David, the best thing to do is to accompany the savings account with a brokerage account. It will allow for flexibility when withdrawing and investing on various businesses. One can also have cash in their health savings account.

Todd Lubar is the CEO and Founder of the TD Ventures Company based in the United States. For over two decades of professional experience in the real estate industry, Todd Lubar has founded and sold more than 15 companies in the world of business. Todd Lubar is also a graduate of the Syracuse state University with the highest honors in Speech Communications. When he graduated from the university, he didn’t know that the degree in Speech Communication would play a major role in persuading real estate clients to do business with him. This industry has worked in his favor ever since he realized the trick beyond his imagination. Check out Ideamensch to see more.

When Todd Lubar was out of college, his first job was to work as a real estate agent for the Crestar Mortgage Company based in the United States. Todd Lubar worked for the company to help it achieve better business through his art of persuasion. His contribution to the company has been felt over the years even after he left its service. He contributed to the growth of the company because of his capability to attract new clients and retain the old ones. Todd Lubar also worked as the credit sales and finance solution for those seeking fast solutions in the real estate industry. Check out for more.

Todd Lubar describes success as doing what you need to do to achieve more than the results you expect. If you achieve more than the result you set, it means you are successful in your business or goals. For those who seek fast income solutions, they must work to develop animated business solutions to activate their associated business developments. For over two decades, Todd Lubar has worked in the finance and mortgage credit solution companies to help his clients achieve their dreams. He also describes his biggest passion as helping his clients achieve their dreams through the solutions he tailors for them. When Todd Lubar founded the TDL Ventures, he dint knows how business would resemble after three years of private practice. However, he was determined to become the solution to every problem facing his clients in the real estate industry. That is what set him apart in business.

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