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Everyone is essentially looking at technology as an ideal investment these days. Is all of it the same? Probably not, according to Ted Bauman. It was in 2008 that Steve Jobs changed the way we see our phones. They are now deemed a device that can do it all. As a result of his innovative abilities, he took the tech world and turned it into something that is really his own.

What now? Now, most devices are able to be connected to each other wirelessly and that makes Apple products attractive. Apple is now worth over $1 million. Where does that leave us with technology and leadership within the marketplace? When Steve Jobs passed away, Jeff Bezos picked up the baton and took off running. He was now the one to look to for innovation, and he has done it well with Amazon.

Amazon, considered to be the 4th most valuable company in the world is now in the lead for online retailing. This is where many have put their money when it comes to investing. Ted Bauman has been watching closely and he is set to warn the most outspoken investors. Although they are offering more products and services like Amazon Web Services, and more. While many may see that Jeff Bezos is among the richest men in the world, Ted Bauman begs investors to enter with caution when putting money into stock with this company.

Ted Bauman is focused on investing and he makes it his only business every day. He is watching the market and he is the editor of The Bauman Letter, a newsletter that is dedicated to sharing with investors how they can preserve their wealth, as well as investment strategies that may apply to every area of their lives financially.

Ted Bauman knows that where Bezos is dominating right now is similar to how Sears was the leader in the catalog world years ago. Mr. Bauman has been publishing his newsletter through Banyan Hill Publishing, a publisher focused on publishing all things financial.

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It was during the 1979 calendar year that Gulf Coast Western was first founded in the Texas city of Dallas. The company has gone on to develop an impressive business, operating in the area of gas and oil venturing. The Gulf Coast Western ability to forge valuable partnerships over the years and honor those partnerships has been a major contributing factor to the fact that the firm has achieved such a long and impressive tenure of operation. Gulf Coast Western always works hard to build partner relationships that are based on the ideas of respect as well as mutual trust.

Currently, Gulf Coast Western is serving in the auspicious role of Managing Venturer for an organization known as Oil and Gas General Partnerships. This operation is also known as Joint Ventures. The goal of this collaborative effort is to undertake the exploration as well as the critical development of gas and oil reserves located domestically in the United States of America. Areas that Gulf Coast Western is operating now include Louisiana, Texas and Colorado among others. The plan over the coming years is to continue expanding the drilling programs that are being undertaken in these areas.

Gulf Coast Western is continuously searching for ways to expand the company’s current exploration and development projects to other areas of the United States that have proven plays in gas and oil. The geophysical and geological aspects of any area the company works in are always studied carefully in order to help ensure the likelihood of success. This business ideology, along with forging critical partnerships are all a part of the winning formula that Gulf Coast Western has been able to develop in its nearly fifty years of operation that it is quickly approaching. With these factors in mind, the future looks bright indeed for the team at Gulf Coast Western.

Steve Ritchie is the new CEO of Papa John’s as mentioned on their website. One of his first actions as CEO was to spend a few weeks going all over the United States to see franchisees of the company and their employees. He said that Papa John’s as a company had always strived to ensure that people were the company’s top priority. The reason for his trip was so he could hear from the company workers directly to learn what necessary steps that Papa John’s had to take to do better as a company, how the employees were currently feeling and addressing their needs. He visited Papa John’s stores in very important cities in the United States, listening to the workers who perform the operations necessary to ensure that Papa John’s is a successful business. Steve Ritchie stated that it is these people who ensure that Papa John’s is a successful company.

When Steve Ritchie Papa John’s was traveling to get advice, he heard from some of the franchisees that many of them considered their employees’ members of their family. They told him that several of their associates had difficult situations with some of their customers. Many of these customers had once been faithful and regular customers, but now had negative feelings about Papa John’s and were taking their anger out on the employees. Members of management spoke with Steve Ritchie about how they were regular helpers as far as charities and helping in the community.

As Papa John’s CEO, Steve Ritchie (@PapaJohns) felt bad about hearing the troubles that many of the employees and members of management were experiencing but he felt that traveling all over the United States to get everyone’s feedback was a positive step and constructive for Papa John’s if the company is to move forward. He believes that there are positive feelings all around about the company being able to move ahead and give the company a brand-new start. Both the associates and members of management agree in being optimistic and dedicated to getting the company to move ahead. Read about Ritchie’s apology letter here.


Harry Harrison understands the world of investment. He has spent over two decades of his life in the field, including trading. He took the helm at Barclays Non-Core in London for three years. His knowledge and experience is extensive, backed by an education that is diversified. He polished off a BS in economics from the University of Warwick with a Masters degree in the Philosophy of Finance from none other than Cambridge University. Today, he makes his home in New York City. His dedication to investment continues to thrive as he provides consultant services to others based on his experience in private equity and venture capital. He’s also supportive of a vibrant entrepreneur, Amy Nauiokas. She has founded Anthemis Group, a firm that focuses on financial services that are digital, as well as advisory. She holds the position of president.

Harry is supportive of his wife’s company in a unique way. He’s running the home front as a stay-at-home dad as he cares for their two children. He’s excited to divide his time between providing services for entrepreneurs, pursuit of his own interests, and spending time with his wife. He has a firm belief in collaboration, humility, and diversity to help ideas to bloom. He’s excited about the connection between the Information Age and financial services. When it comes to his personal productivity, he’s excellent at prioritizing what needs to be addressed right away. His main goal is to move forward with obtainable goals on a daily basis. This requires the ability to focus and delegate. He feels that it is important to enjoy the journey on the way to achieving one’s goals. He’s taken up yoga at this stage in life in order to become more flexible and reap the benefits of meditation. It gives him the ability to focus and eliminate stress as he continues to focus on finances and investment.

It’s no secret that Shiraz Boghani won the 2016 Asian Business Award for Hotelier of the year. This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to his accomplishments, however. Hotelier of the year is no easy feat to take home. The panel is full of experts within the industry. Journalists, investment bankers, and managers are all included on the said panel. On top of all of that, the hotel industry (or hospitality industry in general) is an extremely competitive industry. Standing out for any award is difficult, let alone one of the world’s most prestigious ones. Follow Shiraz Boghani on Medium for latest updates.

While accepting the 2016 award, Shiraz Boghani showed the true nature of his personality that has likely added to his success. He referred to his company, Splendid, as a family. He acknowledged the great team effort that was required to get to the spot that they are currently at. Stuart Baily, Splendid CEO, still insisted that it was the efforts of Shiraz Boghani that he felt led them to the award ceremony.

The year of the award is also the same year that the UK recognized a massive (121 million pound) hotel, the Hilton London Bankside. The portfolio of Shiraz Boghani includes impressive hotel chains from London to York, however. It is important not to forget that Shiraz Boghani started the limited service hotel craze that swept the industry and carved its own niche in the 1990’s.

As far as charitable endeavors, Shiraz serves as the founding partner of Sussex Health Care Limited. This group provides living homes and health care services to patients that might not otherwise receive these types of services. This is an example of hospitality leaving the industry and leaking into a part of society that could perhaps use it most.

Sojourn Hotels LLP is where Shiraz spends his days more recently as the chairman. In the late 1960’s he began his career for KPMG as a chartered accountant. This was long before the firm was called KPMG even! This field gave Mr. Boghani a grasp of the many fixed and variable costs associated with the hotel industry. Combined with his great management skills, and award-winning leadership strategies, Mr. Boghani is a well-respected member of the Hotelier community.



Coming from a family with background in the oil business, Matthew Fleeger cemented and consolidated his position as one of the best CEO’s and business men in oil and gas as well as waste management and the tanning industry. With His father being the pioneer of the Gulf Coast Western, (one of the more successful oil and gas companies of the 1970’s) Matthew felt the urge to follow in his father’s footsteps studying Business for his undergraduate degree while he pursued his innate passion for finance and marketing.

The knowledge he got from those branches became useful for him after graduation as he got introduced to the oil and gas sector. As an child of the industry, Matthew started working in executive positions for oil companies including his father’s company (Gulf Coast Western) between the years 1986 and 1990. He later went on to start his own company MedSolutions Inc, a firm diverse in functionality, from the treatment of medical waste to its transportation and disposal. He proved his leadership skill and experience as he took his company to the top of the regional ladder in medical waste management, holding several executive positions in the process.

The successes of MedSolutions Inc caught the eye of the industry leader, leading to the sale of the company to Stericycle for $59 million highlighting the sales and marketing expertise of Matthew Fleeger. After selling the company, Matt Fleeger returned to the oil and gas industry to lead Gulf Coast Western becoming the president and CEO of the firm for the progressive future. The company had become one of the biggest oil companies interested in internal oil reserves around gulf regions and his experience in corporate actions like mergers, partnership and purchase amongst others, made him the ideal candidate to lead the firm forward.

Steve Ritchie is determined to be a good influence as the new CEO of Papa John’s and is working hard to come back from the backlash of the former CEO’s actions. After working for the company for more than 2 decades, Steve Ritchie wants the best for his company and the communities that it is part of. He knows that to accomplish this, insensitive remarks and actions, as well as racism, cannot be tolerated as part of the culture of the company.

There may be a lot of work to do at Papa John’s, but Steve Ritchie is dedicated to making sure that their plan of action is completed. While the talks may be hard, the team at Papa John’s knows that apologies aren’t enough and that the concerns and ideas of everyone involved must be listened to. Trust is important for a company and Steve Ritchie knows that they must do everything that they can to get it back.

Papa John’s is much more than just one person or even the team of executives. The company has 120,000 people that are a part of it and see each other as a family and community within themselves. Not only is Steve Ritchie going across the country listening to what has to be said, so is the rest of the senior management team. They all know that is important that they see exactly where they stand, both good and bad, so they can figure out what the company needs so they can serve their customers better.

As the leader of the effort, Steve Ritchie Papa John’s experienced a very hard week after learning of the hurt that was caused by a former team member. This one person’s words had deeply impacted people around the world. He was personally hurt that these words could come from someone within their own company.

They are getting advice from experts outside of the company. Steve Ritchie will follow these efforts as the culture of the company is audited to fight for inclusion. Once the weaknesses and strengths of the company have been identified, they can start setting clear goals. Learn about Ritchie’s salary by visiting


End Citizens United is a grassroots campaign that is absolutely dedicated to rooting out dark money and special interests in the political world of Washington D.C. Led by PAC President Tiffany Mueller, End Citizens United has been uniquely focused on inspiring progressive candidates to reject dark money and corporate donations during their election campaigns for the upcoming 2018 November Midterms. Progressives have been rallying around campaign finance reform in a big way and the team at ECU have been able to help prop up several candidates as well. Now, End Citizens United, or ECU, is focused on supporting Molly Kelly as she runs for governor in New Hampshire. Read this article at Chronicle of Week

Molly Kelly is a Democratic candidate for the governorship of New Hampshire. A career progressive, Kelly has gone on the record to refuse any corporate donations to her campaign. Kelly has been effusive in her willingness to fight for campaign finance reform and her fiery brand of progressivism immediately caught the attention of End Citizens United. Mueller was quick to throw the weight of her grassroots PAC behind Kelly’s race as she seeks to take out Republican Governor Chris Sununu. Governor Sununu, like literally every other conservative politician, is against campaign finance reform and has his palms out for donations from any major corporate donor. Kelly specifically wants to address the policies that have allowed people like Sununu to profit and prosper so much.

The team at End Citizens United knows that they have a ton of work ahead of them but it is important for the PAC to focus on issues at both the state and federal level. Mueller effectively communicated the importance of their stance while praising Kelly for the work that she has been doing. Muller called Washington D.C. ‘mired in gridlock’ and subservient to ‘special interests’. The endorsement of candidate Kelly looks to swing the pendulum of enthusiasm back toward American voters who want their voices to be heard rather than ignored by the government. Kelly and ECU have a tough race ahead of them but the work that they are doing is important and will have a long-lasting impact around the world.

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Writer and investment guru Matt Badiali has recently been urging people to get into gold mining stocks. He says now is the time to go long on this precious metal as he expects great performance out of it for the foreseeable future. It was on December 17, 2015, that this precious metal hit $1,051 per ounce. At the time investor were very disappointed because this marked a five year low.

Matt Badiali says that investing in gold can get a bum rap. Many see it as overly risky, especially when they see gold mines being shut down when gold drops in value. Another grave concern of investors it that gold mines are primarily in nations experiencing a lot of troubles including civil wars. Despite these issues, he says many investors are making a windfall by investing in gold and he thinks more will do so in the future.

He says that gold is always going to have a minimum cost. This amount is what gold mining companies need in order to continue to exist. If the value of gold drops below this number for any sustained period than gold miners will go out of business, the supply of gold will decrease, and this will push the value of gold per ounce up.

He also likes gold because it’s not very correlated to stocks or bonds. Matt Badiali says this makes investing in it a great way to diversify a portfolio. He says investors who don’t diversify in this way can experience huge losses when a bear market emerges.

In 2015, gold mining companies restructured to reduce costs or they went out of business. They are now very streamlined businesses set to make their stockholders a lot of money. He thinks they will soon be making their investors rich.

Matt Badiali was trained as a geologist and financial analyst. He studies gold and other commodities so that he can know when to invest in them and let his readers know likewise. He says one way he picks who to invest in when it comes to gold is how fast the company can drill holes. The faster the hole drilling the faster the production.


While the United States economy is currently going along at a very strong rate, not everyone believes this will last. One of these individuals is Shervin Pishevar, one of the early investors of Uber, and one of the world’s most prominent venture capitalists. During a recent 21-hour tweet storm, he laid out many theories regarding the potential downfall of various aspects of the U.S. economy, all of which are quite intriguing.


To begin with, Shervin Pishevar is urging investors big and small to prepare for a drop in the U.S. stock market, possibly by as much as 6,000 points. Believing the bond market is simply too volatile to support the current market’s long run of success, his advice is to pull out of many stocks and instead invest in precious metals such as gold, whose price he feels will continue to increase.


Along with his pessimistic view of the stock market, Shervin Pishevar also sees many of the tech giants in Silicon Valley falling on much harder times in the years ahead. As he views the tech sector, he sees nations such as China and many African countries as well being able to equal or surpass the achievements of Silicon Valley. A strong believer that many U.S. companies have simply become too complacent, Shervin Pishevar suggests it may take many years for U.S. companies to once again pull ahead of their competitors, if indeed they ever do again.


And when it comes to new methods of paying in today’s world, such as the virtual currency Bitcoin, Shervin Pishevar sees tough times ahead for this as well. Believing the currency will drop anywhere from 2,000-5,000 points in its value, he does however feel it will recover and start to see its value increase. But since this is still a relatively new area for many investors, he urges great caution.


While some feel these predictions may not come to pass, others know Shervin Pishevar has a keen insight into many aspects of international economics. Therefore, it will be fascinating to see how many of his predictions come true in the year ahead.

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